Hot Couture
Winter 2015

Hot Couture 2015

Hot Couture tickets for Friday January 9 & Saturday January 10 are now on sale! New designs, new looks, and a new stage. This year’s theme, The Four Elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire.

Maker Faire Madness at The Crucible

KRON4 did a great piece this fall at The Crucible, filming makers, artists and youth on the final day of youth summer camps, capturing some of the excitement and creativity that pours out when people work with their hands and have fun.

The Cup Class

Crucible glass faculty Kier Lugo and Arlo Fishman demonstrate the art of making glass cups in The Crucible’s hot shop.

Hot Couture
Jan 9 & 10, 2015

Celebrate the avant garde fusion of fire, fashion, industrial materials, and haute couture, sometimes with shocking results!

Buy tickets for Friday Jan 9 Buy tickets for friday Jan 9

We will present our unique flaming fashion show, featuring dazzling runway performances and special guests, on two different nights, Friday Jan. 9 and Saturday Jan. 10. Ten artist and designer teams will create thirty-eight haute couture concepts, illustrating the intersection between fashion, traditional materials, and fabrication during the evening.

Winter Session
Sign up by 12/21 and save 10%

We’re very excited to announce the opening of public registration for winter session in our brand new Crucible store, designed to be easier and more intuitive to navigate and find the classes that fit your schedule. As you can see below, classes are filling already, so sign up now!

  • 1WOD15A15-A – Woodturning I
  • 1WOD15A15-B – Woodturning I
  • 1MIG20B15-A – Wood + Metal
  • 1FOU02F15-A – Sand Casting 3-Hour Taster
  • 1NEL55B15-A – Plasma Sculpture
  • 1MIG02F15-B – MIG Welding 3-Hour Taster
  • 1JWL02F15-A – Jewelry 3-Hour Taster
  • 1ARC10A15-FB – Introduction to Welded Sculpture Fun Together
  • 1ARC10A15-FC – Introduction to Welded Sculpture Fun Together
  • 1ARC10B15-D – Introduction to Welded Sculpture
  • 1JWL10A15-FB – Introduction to Jewelry & Metals I Fun Together
  • 1JWL10A15-FC – Introduction to Jewelry & Metals I Fun Together
  • 1GLB02F15-A – Glass Ladling 3-Hour Taster
  • 1GLF10A15-FB – Glass Flameworking I Fun Together
  • 1GLF10A15-FC – Glass Flameworking I Fun Together
  • 1LAB25B15-A – Glass Blowing Lab
  • 1GLB10A15-B – Glass Blowing I Fun Together
  • 1GLB10A15-B – Glass Blowing I
  • 1GLB10B15-C – Glass Blowing I
  • 1WOD09A15-A – Fundamentals of Woodworking
  • 1WLD03F15-A – Exploring Welding
  • 1CER10B15-A – Ceramics I
  • 1BLK10A15-FB – Blacksmithing I Fun Together
  • 1BLK10A15-FC – Blacksmithing I Fun Together
  • 1BLK10A15-A – Blacksmithing I
  • 1BLK10A15-B – Blacksmithing I
  • 1BLK10A15-C – Blacksmithing I
  • 1BLK10B15-D – Blacksmithing I
  • 1BLK10B15-E – Blacksmithing I
  • 1BLK02E15-A – Blacksmithing 3-Hour Taster
  • 1BLK02F15-B – Blacksmithing 3-Hour Taster
  • 1WOD10P15-B – Beginning Woodworking (Weeklong)
  • 1WOD10B15-A – Beginning Woodworking
  • 1WOD10D15-B – Beginning Woodworking
  • 1TOI01E15-Feb-15 – 2015 “Taste of Industrial Arts” Experience
  • 1TOI01E15-Jan-11 – 2015 “Taste of Industrial Arts” Experience