Our Celebrated Faculty

Our expert faculty of industry professionals and emerging and acclaimed artists teach here because they enjoy the unique atmosphere and the freedom it gives them to focus on their students. They bring an energizing combination of real-world experience and passion to each class that helps students to gain practical, working knowledge of material processes.


Chris Niemer – Department Head
Ben Carpenter
Brian Buono
Carla Hall
Jeff Pringle
Mackenzie O’Brien
Celeste Flores
Adrian Rodriquez – TA


Cathy Lu – Department Head
Robert Abrams
Maurice Caveness
Michiko Fukushima
Celeste Flores


Judy Stone – Department Head
Katy Joksch
Olga Barmina
Roberta Smith
Celeste Christie
Chris Spurrell

Fire Performance

Lara Hopwood – Department Head
Albert Hill
Amber Garrett
Charles Cantero
Patricia Chavez
Satise Dizon


Nick DiPhillipo – Department Head
Alex Smith
Barry Beach
Beckey Kaye – Teaching Assistant
Cynthia Handel
Daniel Yasmin
Denise Snaer-Gauder
Kathy Brown
Kier Lugo
Mike Feeney


Janet Hiebert – Fusing Dept. Co-Head
Mary White – Fusing Dept. Co-Head
Arlo Fishman
Emily Bittner – Fused Glass TA
Daniel Stauber
Jaime Guerrero
Kier Lugo
Lauren Ekman
Lee Granberg
Mari Chovan-Upton
Michelle Knox
Mimi Dean
Tansy Brooks
Ralph McCaskey
Zach Rudolph


Hot Wheels

Jeremy Cavagnolo – Department Head, Bike Shop
Michael Sturtz – Department Head
Sudhu Tewari
Esther Cervantes
Evan Wilcox
Evelyn Donis
Jed McAdams
Max Chen
Megaen Curl
Nelson Bellesheim


Aimee Golant
Angela Grigsby, G.G., G.J.
Arlene Mornick
Bonnie Heras
Carolyn Moore
David Casella
Denise Taylor – Area Assistant Head
Katy Joksch
Kelly Nedderman
Kim Emilianowicz Mirus
Norika Takada
Tricia (Becker) Weiner
Vernon Theiss – Department Head

Kinetics & Electronics

Lee Sonko – Department Head
Denise Hill – TA
Benjamin Carpenter

Benjamin Cowden
Jonathan Foote
Michael Shiloh
Robert Matthew
Richard Mortimer Humphrey
Sam Reese
Sudhu Tewari

Machine Shop

Ken Gilliland – Department Head


Barry Beach
Billy Hiebert – Department Head

Neon & Light

Christian Schiess – Department Head
Danny Baggs
Ed Kirshner
Louis Brill
Steve Boverie
Steve Widmark
Norman Moore

Resources for Artists

Billy Hiebert
Lisa Burger

Stone Working

William Rose
Maurice Cavness


Annie Shao – Sewing
Sophia Constance – Leather
Ralph McCaskey – Leather
Ruben Guzman – Cartoneria
Steve Boverie – Stereo Photography


Alan Sklansky
Beckey Kaye
Brian Buono
Brian Enright
Brian McCoy
Carla Hall
Collin Harris
Elise Youssoufian
Evelyn – MIG Welding TA
Ismael Plasencia
Jim Pacheco
Kevin McElroy
Liisa Pine
Maurice Cavness
Michael Kearney – TIG Welding TA
Patricia Chavez
Peter Kropf
Rob Nehring
Roger Carr
Rusty Howson
Steve Woodward – Art Bikes and MIG Welding
Tory Fink
Warren Breslau – TIG Department Head


Johanna Neaderhouser – Department Head
Jolie Karno
Liz Strickland
Marco Mastronardo
Heather Trosdahl
Shawn Hibmacronan
Justin Mrazik
Adrien Segal
Felix Torres
Daniel Yasmin
Michael Bray

Youth Mixed Media

Fonda Murray
Maurice Cavness
Saif Al-Abbasi