Blacksmithing classes Bay Area

Welcome. If you’ve dreamed of learning to weld, blacksmith, work with wood, glass, enamel or clay, make jewelry, dance with fire, pour bronze, or learn any other industrial art form, we’re here to help.

Our classes are designed for everyone (including youth)—from beginner creatives to experienced makers, professional artists, and tradespeople. We offer a range of scheduling options to fit all sorts of busy lives and our classes average one instructor for every six students.

Three Hour “Tasters”

These are an easy way to begin exploring fire, metal or glass work, and are structured for all ages 12 years and older. Register for a morning and an afternoon taster on the same day in separate disciplines, we’ll give you a $15 discount.

Weekend Intensives

Immerse yourself in art making for a weekend. Ideal for out-of-towners or those with a hectic weekly schedule.

Weeklong Classes

The Crucible offers special week-long workshops for adults who need to take a break, blow off some steam, and get creative. When you sign up for a continuing class at the same time, we’ll give you a discount of up to $40.

Five Week Classes

One night a week for just over a month and you’ll learn to Arc, MIG or TIG weld, blow glass, create glass beads, forge basic blacksmithing tools, and much more. Many of these beginner classes lead into more advanced intermediate classes, available at discounted rates.

Ten Week Classes

If you’re serious about learning to weld, make jewelry, form glass and more, ten-week sessions allow you the depth and practice time to master your art. These courses are the best choice for students who have projects in mind.

Studio Access Labs

Hone the skills you’ve learned without spending a fortune setting up a home studio. Available to members only. Pre-qualification in an area or instructor approval may be required. Studio Access Lab time is monitored but not instructional.


Unless otherwise mentioned, all materials you need to learn the skills in class will be provided. If you want to make a larger project, there may be additional costs for materials.

Department Links

Blacksmithing – Learn to heat metal and then shape it with a hammer, anvil and chisel.

Ceramics – Work with clay, pinching, coiling, glazing, slab work, press molds and slip casting with plaster molds.

Enameling – Fuse powdered glass to metal at high temperatures.

Fire-Performance – dance, spin, eat and even hula-hoop with fire.

Foundry – melt bronze, aluminum, and iron and pour into molds of varying complexity.

Glass – Learn glass blowing, flameworking, cold working, kiln casting, engraving, fusing, and slumping.

Hot-Wheels & Bikes – If it’s got wheels, learn to work on it here – bicycles, motorcycles, whatever you got.

Jewelry – Traditional metalsmithing and fabrication, casting metal using the lost wax method, setting gemstones or shaping modern resin and clay.

Kinetics & Electronics – from wind-powered mobiles to motorized robots, art cars, flaming sculptures and more, learn to create dynamic and interactive artwork.


Machine Shop – Learn the secrets of machining—to drive sharp cutting tools using lathes, milling machines and drill presses and make precise, accurate cuts.

Moldmaking – From objects of art to kitchen sinks, when you have a three-dimensional piece to duplicate, creating the right type of mold from the original is the first step.

Neon & Light – Whether incandescent, fluorescent, neon, LED, plasma or electro-luminescent wire produce the illumination, these classes introduce and explain techniques, tools, properties and adaptability of luminous materials.

Paper, Textiles & Leather – Tool leather, turn old T-shirts into hot couture, create three-dimensional photography or learn the ancient art of cartoneria.

Stone Working – Learn traditional hand-carving techniques and how to work with pneumatic tools, as well as how to design and shape different materials.

Welding – Joining metal with heat is a fabrication process used since the Bronze Age. We teach MIG, TIG, arc and oxyacetylene.

Woodworking – Learn to work with wood using hand tools and power tools, learn to carve and turn wood and apply these skills to your own projects.