Begin Your Exploration of Industrial Arts

Fun, three hour taster classes introduce the basics of our most popular areas.

Get $25 off plus a free pizza lunch when you sign up for two different tasters on the same day (morning and afternoon). Youth ages 12 and up welcome when registered with a parent or guardian.

Blacksmithing  Taster

Learn the fundamental skills needed to forge steel and gain a basic understanding of blacksmithing tools while forging a small item to take home.

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Leatherworking  Taster

Learn the basics of hand tooling and weaving leather, including patterning and transferring techniques, conditioning and dying, while creating a small project such as a bracelet, choker, or a cuff.

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Glass Flameworking  Taster

Learn how to melt and shape borosilicate glass with an oxy-propane torch, completing a small project to take home.

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Glass Fusing Taster

Learn the basics of melting glass with heat, cutting it, and fusing it (combining colors), and firing and annealing procedures. You’ll design and fuse a small glass project of your own.

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Glass Ladling  Taster

Learn the basics of creating temporary sand molds and ladling molten molten glass directly into the mold. This is an exciting and often fast paced activity that yields instant gratification. During your taster, you’ll complete a small project.

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Jewelry  Taster

Learn the basic skills of annealing, texturing, stamping, filing, sanding, polishing, design and shop safety while creating a small charm to take home.

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MIG Welding  Taster

Learn the basics of Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, plasma cutting and other fabrication processes while making a small candle holder of your own.

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Parent & Child Clay Animal Bowl  Taster

Parent and child pairs will create bowls shaped like an animal using basic hand building techniques and underglazes to paint them. Based on interest and time, this calss can also incorporate the potter’s wheel. These unique pieces will be food safe.

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