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Fire Performance Faculty

Lara Hopwood – Department Head
Albert Hill
Amber Garrett
Charles Cantero
Patricia Chavez
Satise Dizon

Fire has always been a powerful, mythic element for humans. It has played a significant role in our history and molded our very way of life. Fire performers have a deep respect for the flame and know that by no means do they ever have total control over it. At The Crucible, you can learn to safely manipulate fire’s captivating power, and learn to make and use various tools like poi, fire staffs, hula-hoops and fire rope dart.

Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi)

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Fire Poi Classes
Price: $225.00
Member Price: $205.50
12.5 Hours

Entry-level Maori warriors used the ancient art of fire dancing to increase strength and skill in preparation for battle. Poi, which means “ball” in Maori, uses balls on ropes swung in circular patterns. Learn a little history while becoming familiar with the basic moves and safety practices. During the final class, you’ll get to spin fire.

Art of Fire Dancing II (Poi)

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Fire Spinning Classes
Prerequisite: Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi). You must have your own poi.
Price: $115.00
Member Price: $104.50
12.5 Hours

Learn how to integrate movement with your poi spinning. After this 5-week class, your body and your poi will work together as one—and you’ll know many new tricks. This 5-week session highlights choreography, movement and working with music.

Fire Hula Hoop I

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Fire Hula Hoop Classes
Price: $190.00
Member Price: $174.00
12 Hours

Hoop-notize your friends with your amazing hoop style! This energetic course helps you start hooping with joy! The class introduces all the hooping basics and teaches hooping on different planes of the body, hoop tricks and hoop expression through flow and imagination. During the last class, you will hula-hoop with real fire.

Fire Hula Hoop II

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Fire Hula Hoop Classes
Prerequisite: Fire Hula Hoop I
Price: $170.00
Member Price: $154.00
12 Hours

Go beyond hooping fundamentals by adding more complex moves to your performances. Learn isolations, stalls, tosses and how to move the hoop on different planes on your body and at varying levels. You will gain more fluidity in your hoop dance, explore new moves and learn how to combine these techniques with smooth transitions. You will hoop with fire twice during the 10-week series.

Fire Eating I

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Price: $135.00
Member Price: $124.00
16 Hours

Hungry for something hot? Spice up performances and parties with your new skills as a fire-eater! Learn to eat fire, run fire along your skin and execute other advanced tricks with grace and confidence. You will make two torches to keep. Fire safety is emphasized.

Fire Staff

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Fire Staff Classes
Price: $130.00
Member Price: $119.50
7.5 Hours

Learn the fundamental skill set you need to spin a single fire staff and align the movements of your body with the movements of the staff to create a fluid, connected, captivating dance. You will make a practice staff to keep.

Poi Flowers

This class is not currently offered.
Prerequisite: Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi). You must have your own poi.
Price: $135.00
Member Price: $124.00

This class will explore a field of poi moves called flowers and take your fire spinning to a new level. Flowers are created when your arm moves in a circle while your poi spin. Create beautiful patterns and combined with other maneuvers to create even more complex and interesting moves. You will learn spin and anti-spin flowers as well as how to integrate them into hybrids.

Fire Eating II: Dragon’s Breath

This class is not currently offered.
Fire Breating Classes
Price: $125.00
Member Price: $115.00
4 Hours

Want to be the star of the party without burning down the house? In this fire breathing class you will safely learn basic fire breathing techniques, environmental concerns like wind and differences in fuels (including which to avoid). You will start learning breathing techniques with water; then you’ll be guided safely through your first fire-breathing experience using ultra-pure lamp oil.

Fire Rope Dart

This class is not currently offered.
Fire Rope Dart Classes
Price: $205.00
Member Price: $187.50
6.5 Hours

This ancient Chinese martial art form has been embraced by fire performers worldwide for its quickness, grace and unpredictability. The tool is simple—a long rope with a flaming wick at one end—but using it demands complex movements that call on your entire body. You will learn the basics, including foot, neck, elbow and shoulder movements, plus fire safety and how to construct your own fire dart. During the last class, you will have the opportunity to work with fire.