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Glass Faculty

Janet Hiebert – Fusing Dept. Co-Head
Mary White – Fusing Dept. Co-Head
Ralph McCaskey
Zach Rudolph
Arlo Fishman
Emily Bittner – Fused Glass TA
Daniel Stauber
Jaime Guerrero
Kier Lugo
Lauren Ekman
Lee Granberg
Mari Chovan-Upton
Michelle Knox
Mimi Dean
Tansy Brooks

One of the most recognized forms of glass art using the artists’s breath to inflate and shape molten glass on the end of hollow rods – beautiful, challenging and physically satisfying – a very popular series of classes at The Crucible.

Glass Blowing I

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Price: $640.00
Member Price: $591.00
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15 Hours

In this introductory glass blowing class you will practice and learn the basic skills, techniques and tools for manipulating and shaping glass to create your very own hand blown glass work such as paperweights, cups, bowls, sculptures and more. Be prepared for very hot work.

Glass Blowing II

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Prerequisite: Glass Blowing I
Price: $625.00
Member Price: $577.50

Picking up where the introduction to glass blowing leaves off, you’ll focus on techniques, color application, bit work, an introduction to optic molds and cane work.  You can expect to refine your skills in tumblers, cups and bowl making, as well as, expanding your repertoire in other vessel shapes.

Glassblowing III

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Prerequisites: Glass Blowing I & II
Price: $625.00
Member Price: $577.50
24 Hours

This class will primarily focus on technique and form. Students will become more comfortable handling larger amounts of glass by taking a third gather. Each class will focus on gathering technique, color application, and the refinement of specific forms. Individuals will refine the skills learned in Glass Blowing I & II while working on slightly larger pieces such as bowls, cylinders, cones and bottleneck vessels. Teamwork and the roles of Gaffer and Assistant will be emphasized.

The Cup Class

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Prerequisites: Glass Blowing I
Price: $640.00
Member Price: $591.00
25 Hours

Cups are functional, beautiful, and remain a standard unit of practice for the refinement of glass blowing skill. Explore various forms of drink-ware while practicing intentional control of the vessel, plus techniques used to apply color and hot bits for feet, handles, and wraps. Bring a sketchbook — you’ll have the opportunity to design unique pieces as well as matching sets.

Hot Sculpting I

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Prerequisites: Glass Blowing I & II
Price: $650.00
Member Price: $600.00
24 Hours

This five-week class will explore the sculptural aspects of molten glass and give students a vocabulary of working out of round. Teamwork and communication will be emphasized and practiced. Discussions will cover the advantages and disadvantages of working blown or solid. Color application, bit work, hot torch, and use of the garage will be major components of the class. Bring drawings of your ideas and concepts.

Glass Paper Weights

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Learn to blow glass paper weights
Price: $260.00
Member Price: $241.00
5 Hours

Demystify the secrets behind glass paperweights in this 1-day workshop excellent for anyone wanting to dabble in hot glass. Learn to gather molten glass out of the furnace, apply color, manipulate and shape the molten glass, and make use of traditional glass blowing tools. You can expect to create several one-of-a-kind paperweights.

Hearts of Glass

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Price: $285.00
Member Price: $266.50
5 Hours

Creativity heats up in this exciting entry-level workshop that simplifies the iconic organ that symbolizes love and life — the heart. Learn basic glass working techniques to blow, shape and mold hot glass to capture your creativity in the form of a heart. Come out with a unique item to keep or give as a gift to a special someone.

Glass Ornaments

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Price: $260.00
Member Price: $241.00
5 Hours

Impress friends and family with your very own hand blown glass ornaments, just in time for the holidays. In this 1-day workshop your instructor guides you through the basic process of glass blowing to help you create your unique blown glass ball ornaments. You will gather molten glass out of the furnace, apply color, blow a hollow vessel and finally attach a hot glass loop to hang your ornaments from.

Decorative Glass Pumpkins

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Learn to blow glass pumpkins
Price: $260.00
Member Price: $241.00
5 Hours

Just in time for fall, here is your chance to try your hand at glass blowing as you create decorative glass pumpkins. Learn to safely work with molten glass, gather glass out of the furnace, apply colors, and finally shape and sculpt the molten glass into a unique and colorful glass pumpkins.

Glass Blowing into Metal

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Prerequisites: Previous MIG welding and Glass Blowing skills
Price: $425.00
Member Price: $402.50
15 Hours

Using thin gauge metal, you will fabricate a metal mold or frame learning how to weld and mend metals. Once the frame is complete you will assist a glass blowing instructor as they blow glass into your frame. Once the blown glass is annealed you will learn basic wiring to create a one of a kind art light fixture.

3-Hour Glass Ladling Taster

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Price: $125.00
Member Price: $115.50
3 Hours

In this glass ladling Taster you’ll learn to make a temporary mold of sand and ladle molten glass directly into the mold. Our Tasters are paired up with a lunch for the morning section, and a wine-and-cheese mixer for the afternoon section, allowing students to socialize and engage in warm conversation about their experiences. Create a small project, and meet new fun people too. Receive a $15 discount when you sign up for one morning and one afternoon Taster on the same day in separate disciplines.

Exploring Glass Ladling

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Price: $600.00
Member Price: $560.00
16 Hours

Explore various techniques for glass ladling into different forms in this exciting and often fast paced activity that yields instant gratification.

Lab: Glass Blowing

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Prerequisites: Glass Blowing I or concurrent enrollment. Crucible Members Only
Members-Only Price: $385.00
25 Hours

Hone your skills by practicing what you have learned in class, and explore new possibilities with the medium. Lab members are expected to work together and share the area. Labs are monitored, but not instructional.

Glass Blowing Immersion Workshop

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Price: $1,575.00
Member Price: $1,482.50
40 Hours

Transform the shape of molten glass using traditional tools and a range of techniques progressing from from basic to advanced over 5 days of immersive study in glass blowing. Learn glass blowing theory and principles including rotation, gravity, form, control, thermal stress, bit work, annealing, color theory and application. Class projects include paperweights, flowers, drinking vessels, bowls, bottles, sculptures, small vases and more.