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Spring 2015 Classes

Spring classes go on sale on Monday, March 2.

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Glass Faculty

Cold glass can be carved, cut and drilled to create gorgeous pieces with unique surface textures and shapes. Kiln cast glass allows  you to turn wax sculptures into solid glass art pieces, or put a relief into a solid piece of glass.

One-Day Cold Working Workshop

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Price: $135.00
Member Price: $126.00
7.5 Hours

Learn the tools and techniques of sawing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, grinding, polishing, and gluing glass through demonstrations and hands on experience. This one day workshop is designed to prepare you for the Cold Shop CREATE program test. Safety, proper techniques, and maintenance of each machine will be demonstrated.

Glass Cold Working & Engraving

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Glass Cold Woring and Engraving
Price: $375.00
Member Price: $348.50
24 Hours

Learn to grind and polish glass in The Crucible’s expanded cold working area. Using glass blanks, you will experiment with glass cutting, drilling, carving and sandblasting techniques, as well as lathe work. You will be able to complete at least two ground and polished glass objects. Returning students will learn advanced techniques.

Kiln-Cast Sculpture

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Price: $410.00
Member Price: $384.00
15 Hours

Learn the ancient art of lost-wax glass casting by sculpting a small wax form and making a mold for a one-off glass reproduction which you fire and anneal. You will come out with 2-3 finished pieces.

Dry Plaster Casting

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Entry level
Price: $350.00
Member Price: $322.50
17.5 Hours

Explore techniques for using repurposed window glass to cast everyday objects using dry plaster. You can cast your hand including your wedding ring or use child’s blocks to spell a message. Bring something you want to try and cast – they will not be damaged. The finished product will be ready to hang.

Kiln-Cast Sculpture: Reverse Relief

This class is not currently offered.
Price: $395.00
Member Price: $370.00
15 Hours

Kiln cast reverse relief is creating imagery inside of glass. You will carve hardened plastic-silica, attach it to the inside a mold and melt glass into it. When complete, one looks through the glass to see the imagery. This gives an atmospheric and mysterious feel to your work. An introduction to cold working techniques is included.