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Winter 2015 classes

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Glass Faculty

Janet Hiebert – Fusing Dept. Co-Head
Mary White – Fusing Dept. Co-Head
Arlo Fishman
Emily Bittner – Fused Glass TA
Daniel Stauber
Jaime Guerrero
Kier Lugo
Lauren Ekman
Lee Granberg
Mari Chovan-Upton
Michelle Knox
Mimi Dean
Tansy Brooks
Ralph McCaskey
Zach Rudolph

Using the intense heat of an oxygen-propane torch, learn how to melt and shape borosilicate glass. You’ll learn to create beautiful and interesting pieces including beads, marbles, small sculptures and hollow vessels.

Three-Hour Taster: Glass Flameworking

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Price: $135.00
Member Price: $124.50
3 Hours

Learn how to melt and shape borosilicate glass with an oxy-propane torch. You’ll come out of this short class with a small finished project. Taster classes make great gifts for a DIYer, or take a class together with family and friends for a fun bonding experience. Sign up for one morning and one afternoon Taster on the same day in separate disciplines and you’ll receive a $15 discount.

Glass Flameworking I

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lampworking Classes
Price: $385.00
Member Price: $355.50
15 Hours
Take this class with a friend and get a discount. Also check out this class in our Youth Department.

Transform and manipulate glass using an oxygen-propane torch to mold and shape borosilicate glass into beautiful glass marbles, sculptures, ornaments, and more. This class introduces you to the tools and equipment of glass flameworking and covers a variety of techniques including color pulling and application, sculpting, cane making, frit application and marble making.

Glass Flameworking II

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Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I
Price: $395.00
Member Price: $367.50
15 Hours
Take this class with a friend and get a discount.

Investigate the intricacies of flameworking in more involved projects and designs. Progress in your solid glass techniques, and begin to use glass tubing to make hollow blown glass vessels. Learn to apply color and anneal hollow form pieces.

Advanced Techniques in Flameworking

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Learn Glass Lampworking
Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I & II
Price: $480.00
Member Price: $449.00
Offered yearly

Build upon the techniques learned in Flameworking I and II with advanced projects that will include working with the human figure and discussions on the business of glass flameworking, including production, design, marketing, galleries and museums.

Glass Beads I

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Price: $295.00
Member Price: $270.50
15 Hours

Make colorful glass beads from Effettre glass rods (a soft glass), using an oxy-propane torch. This class will teach you how to make a variety of bead shapes, to form and alter surface patterns and to make stringers and twisters.

Glass Beads II

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Prerequisite: Glass Beads I
Price: $295.00
Member Price: $270.50
15 Hours

Improve your bead-making skills! Explore the many uses of such bead-making techniques as dots, lines, twisters, raking and encasing. We will choose up to four areas of concentration and devote two to three hours to each topic.

Adventures in Soft Glass: Voluptuous Vessels

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Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I or Glass Beads I

Students will learn small-scale glassblowing techniques to make hollow forms such as flasks, amphorae and sculptural pieces.  Various decorating and embellishment methods will also be featured.

Adventures in Soft Glass:
Finding Your Inner Monster

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Soft Glass Glasses
Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I or Glass Beads I
Price: $195.00
Member Price: $180.00
7.5 Hours

Learn to create open hollow forms as glass monster expert Ralph McCaskey takes you on a journey in soft glass, sharing secrets to creating fun facial expressions and embellishments, along with a brief historical look at monsters. You’ll also experiment with electroforming techniques.

Adventures in Soft Glass:  Fabulous Fish

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Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I or Glass Beads I
Price: $195.00
Member Price: $180.00
7.5 Hours

Learn how to sculpt solid and hollow-bodied glass fantasy fish, with an emphasis on decorative techniques. Bring your ideas!

Duplicating Nature in Glass

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Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I
Price: $370.00
Member Price: $342.00
15 Hours

Learn techniques in twisting and manipulating glass to create flowers, branches and insects. In this class you will closely examine organic elements and explore techniques to create in glass what grows naturally in your garden.

Advanced Marble Making Techniques

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Glass Marble Making
Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I
Price: $370.00
Member Price: $342.00
15 Hours

The magical world of glass marble making continues in this course for the enthusiast. Explore advanced techniques such as color, depth, texture, organic detail, murrine and cane use, as well as surface decoration to create vortex marbles, implosion marbles, and mystical dichroic galaxy marbles.

Lab: Glass Flameworking
(Borosilicate or Soft Glass)

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Prerequisite: Glass Flameworking I or concurrent enrollment
Members-Only Price: $195.00
25 Hours

Practice and perfect the skills you learn in class. In labs, you can work on class assignments or your own projects. Lab time is supervised, but does not include instruction or materials.

Flameworking Immersion Program

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Entry Level
Price: $1,275.00
Member Price: $1,182.50
48 Hours

Over the course of five days, learn glass flameworking theory, principles, and extensive techniques that will give you the necessary skills to work independently. Each day will consist of six hours of instruction with four hours of optional open lab time in the evening, with the exception of Friday which will be a full 8 hour lab day.  Lunch and dinner will be provided.  The workshop week will conclude with a dinner and artist reception on Friday evening, where artists will have their work on display to talk proudly about.