Spring 2015 Classes

Spring classes go on sale on Monday, March 2.

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Hot Wheels Faculty

Jeremy Cavagnolo – Department Head, Bike Shop
Sudhu Tewari – Department Head
Esther Cervantes
Evan Wilcox
Evelyn Donis
Jed McAdams
Max Chen
Megaen Curl
Nelson Bellesheim

Here’s a group of classes to help keep your ride on the road—whether it’s a motorcycle or a pedal bike you use for everyday transportation, an art bike or car you’re inspired to create, or a customized hot rod. If it has wheels, you can learn from the pros how to trick it out and keep it running in top condition.

Bicycle Mechanic Workshop

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Price: $385.00
Member Price: $351.50
15 Hours

Perform a deep, complete tune up of your own bicycle over the course of two full weekend days. As you disassemble and reassemble the entire bike, you will learn the names of the bicycle components and the tools used in a professional shop. Although basic supplies are provided, you will need to supply some of your own supplies, such as specialty tires, cables, chains and gears; some items may be available for sale at The Crucible.

Sheet Metal Forming with Evan Wilcox

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Prerequisite: Metalworking experience
Price: $525.00
Member Price: $480.50
12 Hours

This hands-on class introduces valuable skills for fabricating parts for motorcycles, cars, airplanes and sculpture. Learn how to form sheet metal into tanks, fenders and fairings, using aluminum gas welding, planishing hammer, English wheel and hand forming tools. Evan Wilcox provides instruction during some classes; others are lab time for you to use The Crucible’s equipment to work on your own project.

Playa Bike: Desert Readiness 101

This class is not currently offered.
Entry-level. Offered yearly.
Price: $100.00
Member Price: $92.00
4 Hours

Bring your burner bike and get it ready for the playa in a 4 hour session. You will focus on making the bike mechanically sound and introduce basic roadside repairs to help keep your bike running. This is not an art bike class, but we are happy to consult and problem-solve your artistic ideas, so bring your desert adornments.

The Art of the One-Speed:
Building a Bicycle Frame

This class is not currently offered.
Prerequisites: TIG Welding I and II, The Mother Machines. Offered yearly.
Price: $720.00
Member Price: $675.00
30 Hours

Ever wanted to make your own bicycle frame? Here is your chance. In this class, you will make a one-speed, chrome-moly steel mountain bike frame using proven geometric principles. Learn about TIG welding, brazing, machining of tubes, bicycle geometry, materials, construction techniques, fixtures and jigs. You’ll leave this class with your own one-of-a-kind bicycle frame.