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Machine Shop Faculty

Learn the secrets of machining—to drive sharp cutting tools using lathes, milling machines and drill presses and make precise, accurate cuts. Machining is used on engines, bicycles, appliances, kinetic or mechanical projects and much more. Our machine shop also has a lab for experienced workers to work on personal projects and for new students to perfect their machining skills.

The Mother Machines:
Introduction to Turning & Milling

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Metal Turning and Milling Classes
Price: $565.00
Member Price: $521.50
30 Hours

The milling machine and the lathe are the cornerstones of a machine shop. With these two tools, you can make almost anything out of metal with precision and accuracy. They are also among the most complicated tools to operate; the goal of this class is to learn the capabilities and scope of these versatile machines. You’ll learn about materials, machine design, drafting, cutting feeds and speeds, tooling and precision measurement, and use the machines to fabricate simple projects.

Lab: Machine Shop

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Machine Shop Classes
At least one machining class, or permission of instructor.
Members-Only Price: $240.00
20 Hours

Taking a lab is a great way to practice and perfect the skills you learn in class. In labs, you can work on class assignments or your own projects. Lab time is supervised but does not include instruction or materials.