Spring Quarter

April 20 – June 29

Summer Quarter

June 29 – August 23

Youth Summer Camps

June 22 – August 7

  • Six 1-week sessions available

2015 Summer Catalog

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Moldmaking Faculty

Molds are used to produce everything from objects of art to kitchen sinks; both as a step in unique original creations and to make multiples. When you have a three-dimensional piece to duplicate, creating the right type of mold from the original is the first step. Whether you work large or small, in metal, resin, plastic or glass, our moldmaking classes give you a great foundation and teach you which technique and which materials to use for the best results.

Spring Quarter

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Summer Quarter

No classes are offered this quarter

Future Quarters

Moldmaking I: Plaster

Plaster is the essential foundation for all moldmaking. You will learn more about moldmaking using plaster than any other material. It is the foundation fo rmost molding and casting processes. The primary goal in this class is to make multiple piece plaster molds. Once you have created a mold. you will have a better understanding of moldmaking regardless of the material or process used. Plaster molds are used extensively for producing ceramics via slip casting. Molds from this class might be used in another class such as ceramics. Personal projects are welcome, but there will be a limit to project size.

Moldmaking II: Silcone Rubber

In this class you will learn to make the kind of mold used by model makers, foundries, sculptors, and other professionals: the silicone mold. The molds are suitable for casting other materials including concrete, wax, resin, and silicone. Molds can also be stored for latter use in another class that uses wax castings. A plaster case is made to support the silicone material and help hold it’s shape. It is preferred and most beneficial that you take Moldmaking I first, although it is not mandatory. Personal projects are welcome, but there will be a limit to project size.

Moldmaking and Casting with Plastic

This class is a great introduction to model making, mold making and casting. You will be guided through the process of making small simple models. The molds can then be used to cast liquid plastic, duplicating the shape of your original model. You can experiment with the variety of effects that can be created using the plastic material. The entire process is fairly quick which allows time to finish several castings. Project size will be limited.

Life Casting

The oldest known lifecast is over three thousand years old and dates back to Roman times. This class teaches the basics of creating a negative mold to make a unique sculpture using the human form. This is a very hands-on class, so come prepared to be cast and get messy. Learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls of a fast-drying medium and working with a live subject. Finishing techniques are covered briefly but the main focus is on gaining exposure to the many methods of casting the various parts of the human body.

3D Printing for Everyone

You’ve heard about it. You may have seen it. So, let’s do it! You don’t need a printer. The easiest way to start is to have a printing company do your printing. That way, you can have high quality parts printed by high quality printers, with a large selection of materials for you to choose from. You don’t even need your own designs. There are existing designs you can use to experience 3D printing. The purpose of this class is to assist you in getting started by showing you where and how to order 3D printing on-line.