Spring 2015

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Neon Gallery

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Neon & Light Faculty

Christian Schiess – Area Head
Danny Baggs
Ed Kirshner
Louis Brill
Steve Boverie
Steve Widmark
Norman Moore

Radiant light technology greatly expands the possibilities for light design, whether incandescent, fluorescent, neon, LED, plasma or electro-luminescent wire. Our classes introduce and explain techniques, tools, properties and adaptability of these materials. Illuminated projects can either stand alone or be combined with many of the other processes taught at The Crucible. You can browse these diagrams to learn more about neon tools and techniques.

Introduction to Neon

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Neon Sculpture Classes
Price: $435.00
Member Price: $402.00
15 Hours
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Light up your art by adding neon to your projects. You’ll learn the tools and techniques needed to complete a project in neon, including basic chemistry behind the light, and design and aesthetic considerations.  You’ll have the opportunity to complete an illuminated project. Necessary transformers are provided.

Continuing Techniques in Neon

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neon continuing
Prerequisite: Introduction to Neon or consent of the instructor.
Price: $400.00
Member Price: $369.00
15 Hours

Building on your basic skills, this class emphasizes the possibilities when creating unique artwork using neon light. Class work includes discussion of the expanded use of color, choice of glass size, bombarding/manifold operation, self-directed sculptural conception and construction. You’ll have the opportunity to complete two or three illuminated projects.

Demystifying the Light Emitting Diode (LED)

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Entry-level. Rare offering.
Price: $220.00
Member Price: $201.50
7 Hours

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are efficient, inexpensive, durable, can be used in many interesting ways and come in many colors, shapes, intensities and sizes. This course teaches you about LEDs and the basic circuits needed to make them work. You’ll get a complete kit of LEDs and parts to use in class and in your future projects.

EL-Wire Workshop

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EL-Wire Classes
Price: $220.00
Member Price: $204.50
4 Hours

Add shimmer and sparkle to sculpture, interiors and wearable art with electroluminescent (EL) wire, a decorative, flexible wire that glows very much like neon. This one-day workshop introduces basic soldering techniques and various ways to assemble and attach wire to fabric, wood and plastic. You’ll also get a taste of drivers and sequencers for animation and advanced techniques.

Special Effects with EL-Wire

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Prerequisite: EL Wire Workshop
Price: $230.00
Member Price: $215.50
4 Hours

Takes your EL wire skills to the next level with sequencing, light combinations and movement. Sequencing allows you to create simple yet spectacular special effects and animations, while light combinations and movement make your projects come alive.

Lab: Neon

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neon lab
At least one neon class, or permission of instructor.
Members-Only Price: $155.00
15 Hours

Practice and perfect the skills you learned in class without spending a fortune to set up your own shop.. In labs, you can work on class assignments or your own projects. Lab time is supervised, but does not include instruction or materials.

Neon Sign Design

This class is not currently offered.
Neon Sign Design Classes
Prerequisite: Intro to Neon and Continuing Techniques or consent of the instructor.
Price: $435.00
Member Price: $404.00
15 Hours

This exciting course provides an in-depth exploration of the elements of neon and light for fine sign design. You will learn advanced skills in manipulating hot glass tubing to create letters, shapes and designs for two-dimensional projects. This course also covers how to measure and create neon patterns and techniques for mounting and wiring finished neon.

Plasma Sculpture

This class is not currently offered.
neon sculpture hourglass
Prerequisite: Introduction to Neon and Continuing Techniques in Neon or consent of the instructor. Offered twice a year.
Price: $545.00
Member Price: $500.00
30 Hours

This course introduces the use of gas plasma in glass vessels to create illuminated sculptures. You will learn how to create a simple vessel for gas plasma, how to process and pump plasma and how to wire the electronics involved in gas plasma sculpture. You will have the chance to complete at least two gas plasma projects.