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Classes run on a quarterly basis. Summer registration for members begins May 20. Public registration begins June 3rd. Summer classes begin July 19th. Membership also entitles you to 10% off class tuition, 25% off during some special events. Not applicable to tasters. Not combinable with other offers.

The Crucible’s stone classes teach the skills you will need to carve stone, sculpt it into vibrant and organic art pieces, mold it into furniture and even cast concrete counter tops.

You’ll learn traditional hand-carving techniques and how to work with pneumatic tools, as well as how to design and shape different materials.

Stone Carving

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stone carving class
Entry-level. There will be an additional charge for stones.

In this hands-on class, you’ll move from traditional hand-carving techniques to pneumatic tools as you learn advanced tricks of the stone-carving trade.

Concrete Sculpture

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Entry-level. Offered twice a year.

This class explores the diverse ways this cold, industrial material can become vibrant and organic, taking you from drawing board to finished sculpture. This introduction to designing and shaping concrete sculpture examines building forms and armatures, mixing color, incorporating other materials and more. Come prepared to stretch your imagination.