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Fall 2014 catalog

Welding Faculty

Alan Sklansky
Beckey Kaye
Brian Buono
Brian Enright
Brian McCoy
Carla Hall
Collin Harris
Elise Youssoufian
Evelyn – MIG Teaching Assistant
Ismael Plasencia
Jim Pacheco
Kevin McElroy
Liisa Pine
Maurice Cavness
Michael Kearney – TIG Welding, Teaching Assistant
Patricia Chavez
Peter Kropf
Rob Nehring
Roger Carr
Rusty Howson
Steve Woodward – Art Bikes and MIG Welding
Tory Fink
Warren Breslau – TIG Area Head

Joining metal with heat is a fabrication process used since the Bronze Age, and new technology develops continually. The Crucible teaches beginning and advanced classes in four different kinds of welding: oxyacetylene gas welding, arc (or “stick”) welding, metal inert gas (MIG) welding and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. Start with a beginning class in one type of welding, or begin by exploring all four types of welding in our Exploring Welding class.

Exploring Welding

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If you’re not sure what type of welding you’d like to learn, this is the class for you. You will learn about —and have the chance to try—the four types of welding taught at The Crucible: oxyacetylene, arc (“stick”), metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG). This class will inspire you and guide you to the type of welding most appropriate to the project you want to complete or the direction you want to follow.

Women’s Welding

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This special workshop, taught by women for women, covers the same material as Introduction to Welded Sculpture. It’s a great introduction to metalworking in a supportive environment. Absolutely no experience is needed.

Welded Sculpture I

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Entry-level. Take this class with a friend and get a discount. Also check out this class in our Youth Department.

Learn to join pieces of metal using arc (or “stick”) welding and make a small sculpture to take home. You’ll also slice through ferrous metals with the oxygen jet of an oxyacetylene cutting torch and use power and hand tools to finish your work.

Welded Sculpture II

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Prerequisites: Introduction to Welded Sculpture, Women’s Welding

Take your sculptural techniques to the next level! Create a gallery and sale ready piece or just a quality gift for family or a friend. In this class you will learn to weld and incorporate new common metals including stainless steel and cast iron as well as develop advanced welding techniques and receive instruction on new fabrication tools. We will also introduce the possibility of incorporating prefabricated elements to enhance your piece and expand on different finishing techniques and patinas to give your sculpture a more polished, professional appearance.

Welding Immersion Workshop

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With an electrode to strike an arc of electricity, more than 3000 degrees, you will learn to join and cut metal to create a series of custom projects using tools such as a MIG welder, TIG welder, and plasma cutter.  Safety and use of fabrication shop tools such as the horizontal band saw, sheerer, the notcher, drill press, hydraulic pipe bender, hole punch, pipe roller, sheet roller, and the finger brake will also be taught.In a supportive and encouraging environment, you will learn welding theory and principles including conceptual design, drawing to communicate your ideas, design development and detailing, material selection, sourcing, purchasing, and metal terminology.  Fundamental techniques such as basic hossfeld bending, oxy/acetylene bending, fabrication, connections (tapping, bolting, screwing, riveting), grinding, and finishing will be taught to expand and refine your skills.During this exciting workshop, a professional fabrication artist will guide you through the techniques of working with mild steel and recycled materials. You will have the opportunity to construct projects of your very own design during the open lab.  Furniture, sculpture of all types, and lighting are all encouraged.  Projects will be discussed and evaluated for feasibility and cost, given the one-week timeframe. We will have a library of metal working books and sample projects for inspiration.

The Art of the One-Speed:
Building a Bicycle Frame

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Prerequisites: TIG Welding I and II, The Mother Machines. Offered yearly.

Ever wanted to make your own bicycle frame? Here is your chance. In this class, you will make a one-speed, chrome-moly steel mountain bike frame using proven geometric principles. Learn about TIG welding, brazing, machining of tubes, bicycle geometry, materials, construction techniques, fixtures and jigs. You’ll leave this class with your own one-of-a-kind bicycle frame.

Oxyacetylene Welding

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Learn to weld using a torch that burns a mixture of oxygen and acetylene gases—the hottest flame available, and the least expensive way to weld. You’ll learn about cutting, joining and shaping sheet metal to make a geometric candleholder, along with another small project of your choice. This class also covers oxyacetylene and plasma cutting, and introduces metal-joining by brazing.

Wood + Metal

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Learn and apply the fundamental properties of these two titans of materials. During this class, you’ll create a custom piece of furniture that incorporates both materials and highlights the ways each complements the other. Skills covered will be MIG welding, cutting, grinding, and finishing metal as well as wood milling, gluing, joinery, sanding, and finish work. You will work closely with the core wood shop tools: table saw, jointer, planer, band saw, and router. Come to the first class with ideas and measurements for a small piece of custom wood + metal furniture. Past projects include coffee tables, book shelves and small desks.

The Art of Metal:
Design & Furniture Fabrication

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Prerequisites: Any welding class. Note: Choosing larger projects will incur extra material costs.

If you want to fabricate one-of-a-kind metal furniture for your home, this class is for you. Going beyond basic MIG welding, this ten-week class focuses on designing and fabricating functional and aesthetically interesting benches, coffee tables, flower stands, cabinets, wheeled furniture, shelves, coat racks and just about any other piece of furniture you’d like to fabricate. Be prepared to weld and cut on the first day as a review.

Build Your Own Backyard BBQ or Fire Pit

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Build Your Own BBQ
Prerequisites: Previous welding experience preferred.

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast or enjoy entertaining around a fire pit, why not apply your skills to design and build your own ultimate BBQ or fire pit from a recycled tank/ container and scrap metal.  The class will focus on reuse of materials to create a functional one-of-a-kind outdoor sculpture.  Enjoy the great outdoors with friends this summer by showing off your hand-crafted BBQ or fire pit. On the last day of class, we will fire up a BBQ or two and celebrate our creations with a grill-fest!

Burn Barrel

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Use your creativity to design and create a decorative outdoor fire pit or burn barrel out of a steel drum.  Concentration of instruction will be centered around the subtractive process using oxyacetylene torch cutting techniques. Please come to class with a sketchbook and any ideas you may have.

Welded Art Stands & Displays

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Looking for an elegant way to professionally display your art pieces? Make a custom art stand or display that you’ll never find at the store. Bring your existing art pieces in order to design and fabricate a functional and aesthetically complementary stand to display and highlight the piece, while learning the basics of MIG welding, plasma cutting and metal finishing techniques to add a more polished and professional appearance.

Three-Hour MIG Welding Taster

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Our 3-hour Maker Tasters are a fantastic way to begin exploring industrial art and meet people with a common interest. In this MIG welding taster you’ll learn the basics of metal inert gas (MIG) welding, as well as plasma cutting and other fabrication processes. Sign up for one morning and one afternoon Taster on the same day in separate disciplines and you’ll receive a $15 discount. You’ll finish your Taster with a small finished project.

MIG Welding I

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Entry-level. Take this class with a friend and get a discount. Also check out this class in our Youth Department.

Get an introduction to MIG (metal inert gas, or wire-feed) welding, as well as plasma torch cutting. MIG makes electricity “arc” through the air to the steel creating enough heat to melt it, creating a weld. The plasma torch allows you to use electricity to transform atmospheric gas into plasma, the fourth state of matter, and create enough heat to melt steel, effectively cutting it. The class will culminate in a small project to show off your newly acquired skills.

TIG Welding I

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Entry-level. Take this class with a friend and get a discount. Also check out this class in our Youth Department.

Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is a precise method that makes clean, focused welds on everything from super thin to very thick materials. Using the TIG process, you can weld any metal you desire (including steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, or titanium) and can even join dissimilar metals. For the beginning class, you will use steel to develop a series of fundamental welding techniques. The class will culminate in a small project to show off your newly acquired skills.

TIG Welding II

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Prerequisite: TIG Welding I

Building on what you’ve learned in TIG welding I, in this class we’ll hone your technique and expand your horizons on your way to discovering the full potential of TIG. Through a series of exercises, you’ll develop precision and control, as well as learn to prepare and weld various types of joints used in fabrication. We’ll also venture into the variety of other metals which can be welded with TIG, emphasizing aluminum and copper. This class will prepare you to work on your own, either in your own shop or through the CREATE program.

TIG and Titanium

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Prerequisites: TIG Welding I.

Titanium metal is sensitive and tricky to weld, but this one-day class will teach you the basics of titanium TIG welding with standard shop equipment. You’ll learn the properties of titanium and techniques to avoid cracking and contamination of this material, such as appropriate use of gas lenses and back-purging welds with argon to bring them down to a lower temperature. You’ll see demonstrations and practice basic and some advanced welds in class. You should have experience with TIG welding. Please bring your gloves and wear suitable clothing.

Sculpting with TIG

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Prerequisites: TIG experience

This class deepens your knowledge of TIG welding and gives you the practice you need to hone your skills. You’ll learn to hand-feed wire to fill gaps, and to create new forms in a variety of metals. Challenging exercises will allow you to gain the confidence to consider yourself a competent TIG welder. This class focuses on precise welding, including minimizing grinding and finishing. This is an advanced class, so bring ideas for projects that are feasible given the time and equipment available.