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Learn the skills and techniques in a variety of methods, from traditional metalsmithing and fabrication, to casting metal using the lost wax method, setting gemstones or shaping modern resin and clay. Our classes allow you to create original pieces of jewelry or small sculpture, expand your knowledge of specific techniques, or even make your own tools and design a home studio!

Jewelry classes taught at The Crucible

This is a comprehensive description of Jewelry classes offered during one or more “Wave” periods each year, but which may not be scheduled at this time. To view current and upcoming class schedules, visit the Adult Index Page and Youth Index Page.


  • 3-Hour Taster: Jewelry

    3-Hour Tasters are a great way to explore a new art form without the deeper commitment of a full course. You can try Blacksmithing, Ceramics, Enameling, Foundry, Glass Casting, Glass Flameworking, Glass Fusing, Jewelry, Leather or MIG Welding. Take a Taster and meet new friends, or give the gift of creativity to someone special. These popular and fun classes fill up fast!

  • Bangle Bracelet with Metal Clay

    Continue to enhance your metal clay skills while making two bangle bracelets! Skills learned and practiced include: sizing to accommodate clay shrinkage; constructing a bracelet on a mandrel; shaping; stone setting; and adding texture and other decorative elements. We will also review firing and finishing methods. Tools for metal clay are very simple and include thickness guides, rollers, texture plates, rubber stamps, files, brushes, ring sizers and the ring mandrel. PREREQUISITE: metal clay experience

  • Casting Wax to Silver

    Learn the ancient process of lost wax casting sculptural jewelry. Experimenting with different types of wax, you will carve, cast, and finish at least one pendant or ring in silver. Students are encouraged to bring in personal sketches and ideas. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I

  • Charm Bracelet

    This class in metal clay techniques is designed for both beginning students and those seeking to refresh skills and learn new ones. Students will design and make six charms to be displayed on a linked bracelet. A new technique will be taught with each charm, including forming, texturizing, stone setting, filigree syringe work, curved surface construction, and setting a glass component. The bracelet will be secured with a bar and toggle clasp fabricated with metal clay. PREREQUISITE: metal clay experience

  • Chasing & Repousse

    Make your drawings come to life in sheet metal with two techniques that allow you to add highly detailed relief images to your jewelry. Learn to isolate and control the movement of your metal and create an original piece using the design of your choice. Spice up your sculpture or jewelry with detailed accents, texture and depth. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I 

  • Exploration in Chainmaking

    This class covers the classical skills needed to make woven and Etruscan chains. You will learn to manipulate wire through the selected use of hand tools, making jump rings, splicing wires together, and fusing jump rings shut. Your finished one-of-a-kind silver chain can accommodate an original pendant or be worn alone.

  • Exploration in Stone Setting

    This 2-day intensive exposes you to three kinds of stone settings: prong, bezel and flush. The first day includes a demonstration of how settings are put together. During the second session you will set your stones (or objects) into settings you have created. Sterling silver settings and some stones are supplied. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I 

  • Friday Flame: Jewelry

    End the workweek with fire, friends, and a toast. Join us for Friday Flame, a unique night focused on industrial arts and good company. Enjoy a 2-hour workshop creating a work of art to take home. Then sip wine or beer with the group and marvel at your new masterpiece!

  • Gemology

    Learn the first steps to becoming a jeweler in this intensive class focused on gemology, gemstone properties, and testing methods. You will learn how to identify different types of gems. Class discussions include synthetics, imitations, treatments, and enhancements. Bring in your favorite jewelry pieces or gems to discuss.

  • Incorporating Found Objects into Your Jewelry

    Explore color, texture, fabric or a narrative by including found objects in your work. You’ll learn how to connect objects with rivets, tabs, small screws and bolts, epoxies and bezel settings. Students fabricate a variety of pin backs and hinges, learning how to work through design issues presented by found materials. Bring to the first class some objects that you would like to incorporate into a jewelry piece. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I 

  • Innovative Casting

    In this exciting course you will expand your jewelry knowledge by immersing yourself in a variety of casting techniques. These include traditional wax carving skills, casting gemstones directly into your designs, and casting organic materials. Students enjoy the diverse results from these different processes! After the three casting burnouts, you will leave with several finished one-of-a-kind creations. PREREQUISITE: Casting Wax to Silver

  • Introduction to Cast Resin & Silver Jewelry

    Easy-to-use, water-clear polyester resin is a versatile material that can mimic the characteristics of metal, glass, or stone and possesses many qualities lacking in its older counterparts. You will learn to make molds, mix and pour resin liquid, polish hardened resin and create three unique pieces of jewelry that integrate silver with your completed resin pieces. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I 

  • Jewelry & Metals I

    Learn the basics of jewelry making. We will focus on sawing, filing, sanding, soldering, texturing, annealing, stamping, polishing, and design. Students will also learn the properties of metals like copper, brass, and silver and make a sterling silver ring.

  • Jewelry & Metals II

    Further develop your basic metalsmithing. We will teach new techniques, safety, and design. In addition to technical reference samples, you will create an original piece of jewelry of your own design using a cabochon stone. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I

  • Metal Clay & Enameling

    Combine two exciting techniques to create colorful silver jewelry. First you will use metal clay, a medium that allows you to create jewelry or other decorative fine silver pieces without metalsmithing techniques. You will roll, press or mold the metal clay to create the perfect base for the colorful enameling process. Students create two or three pieces of fine silver jewelry, adding beautiful color through enameling. PREREQUISITES: Enameling I & metal clay experience

  • Metal Clay I

    Learn the basics, using metal clay tools including rollers, texture plates, rubber stamps, files, and brushes. Learn to form clay for both flat and sculptural designs. We will cover a lot in this course, including creating surface texture and enhancements, clay bail design, arrangement, placement, stone setting, finishing, and polishing. Students will complete three pendant projects.

  • Metal Clay II: Ring Architecture

    Learn ring sizing methods to accommodate clay shrinkage, using basic metal clay tools including ring sizers and the ring mandrel. We’ll discuss the ring mandrel for assembly of clay rings; wide and narrow band construction; stone setting; texture techniques; and other decorative elements. Students will also review firing and finishing methods, enhancing their metal clay skills to create two rings. PREREQUISITE: metal clay experience

  • Metal Clay Intensive II: Hollow Forms

    Take the next step with metal clay and learn hollow form construction, creating beads and vessels. Students will produce a range of projects using both copper and silver metal clay. PREREQUISITE: metal clay experience

  • Metal Clay Intensive: The Basics & Beyond

    This course is designed for beginning students and those seeking to refresh and learn new skills. Our initial focus will be a simple silver two-sided project, fired with a butane torch and chosen to cover thickness, roll out, texture, applique, and carving techniques. More advanced techniques will also be taught, including stone setting, bail design and structure, drying, firing with torch and kiln, final finishing and polishing, ring sizing and construction, and repairing green ware and fired pieces. Students will create pendants, earrings and rings and simple tools will be provided for use in class.

  • Rubber Mold Making for Jewelry

    Want to make multiple copies of your jewelry? With vulcanized rubber molds, you can make wax models for the reproduction of original jewelry. The class will explore the basics of two-part molds, including hot and cold molding methods. You will make one or more vulcanized silicone rubber molds. Bring at least two original small-scale metal pieces to reproduce.

  • Silver Bracelet & Chain Mail

    Two dynamic processes come together to make a beautiful bracelet! Students will craft a centerpiece of art clay silver and finish the work by creating chain mail side bands using jump rings. Both techniques will be taught in this exciting class. PREREQUISITE: metal clay experiencey

  • Three-Dimensional Metalsmithing

    Learn new techniques and take on design challenges to further your understanding of fine metalwork. Working in copper, brass, and silver, you will learn how to incorporate movement through hinge making and how to use handmade plastic dies with the hydraulic press. Students learn to create 3-D multiples and hollow forms for use in jewelry, boxes, and lockets. PREREQUISITE: Jewelry & Metals I & II

  • Viking Knit with Metal Clay

    Viking knit is a looping technique that preceded traditional knitting by centuries. You’ll create a silver wire bracelet, embellish it with beads, and add a clasp and other components made with metal clay. This is a new pure silver clay medium that can be molded, rolled, shaped, carved, stamped, draped and adorned with other elements to create beautiful jewelry. PREREQUISITE: metal clay experience


  • Kandi Cuffs and Perlers (ages 8-11)

    Learn a variety of beading styles to create fun accessories. Students will use Perler Beads to create jewelry known as kandi cuffs, then personalize their work with small objects brought in from home.

  • Youth Casting Wax to Silver (ages 12-17)

    Learn the lost wax casting process, an age-old sculptural jewelry-casting process that involves creating a positive model out of wax, using that model to make a mold, then using the mold to cast a form in metal. You’ll carve, cast, and finish at least one pendant or ring in silver, and experiment with different types of wax and their working qualities as you learn the techniques and tools of this process. Bring your sketches and ideas for jewelry. PREREQUISITE: Youth Exploration in Metal Jewelry.

  • Youth Chibi: Miniature Figurines (ages 8-11)

    Learn the basics of preparing, shaping, sculpting, cane making and baking polymer clay. Use your own brightly colored clay to make small sculptures known as Chibis and incorporate them into wearable objects. You will leave this class with small memorable objects and will be wearing self-made accessories with pride!

  • Youth Exploration in Metal Jewelry (ages 12-17)

    Make a fashion statement! Using copper, silver, and other nonferrous metals, you’ll learn jewelry and metal art skills to create trendy jewelry of your own design. In this hands-on class you’ll be taught filing, sanding, texturing, and polishing techniques used in creating metal jewelry. You will leave this class wearing a project of your own design.

  • Youth Jewelry Immersion Program (ages 12-17)

    Dive deep in this beginning and continuing level youth workshop. Students take an immersive step into weeklong study, becoming young artisans along the way. Using copper, silver, and other nonferrous metals, you will learn jewelry and metal art skills to create trendy jewelry of your own design. We will cover filing, sanding, texturing, and polishing techniques used in creating metal jewelry. You will also be exposed to theory, principles, and extensive techniques that let you design and create your own independent projects.