Molds are used to produce everything from objects of art to kitchen sinks — both as a step in unique original creations and to make multiples. When you have a three-dimensional piece to duplicate, creating the right type of mold from the original is the first step. Whether you work large or small, in metal, resin, plastic or glass, our moldmaking classes give you a great foundation and teach you which technique and which materials to use for the best results.

Moldmaking classes taught at The Crucible

This is a comprehensive description of Moldmaking classes offered during one or more “Wave” periods each year, but which may not be scheduled at this time. To view current and upcoming class schedules, visit the Adult Index Page and Youth Index Page.


  • Moldmaking & Casting with Plastic

    Learn the secrets of plastic casting using flexible molds, just like the ones that professionals use for product development. You will make molds and use them to create plastic reproductions. Personal projects are welcome, subject to size limitations.

  • Moldmaking I: Plaster

    Plaster is the essential foundation for most molding and casting processes. The primary goal in this class is to make multiple-piece plaster molds, which are used extensively for producing ceramics via slip casting. Once you have created a mold you will have a better understanding of moldmaking, regardless of the material or process used. Molds from this class might be used in another class, such as ceramics. Personal projects are welcome, subject to size limitations.

  • Moldmaking II: Silicone Rubber

    In this class you will learn to make silicone molds, the kind used by model makers, foundries, sculptors, and other professionals. These molds are suitable for casting other materials including concrete, wax, resin, and silicone. Molds can also be stored for later use in another class that uses wax castings. A plaster case is made to support the silicone material and help hold its shape. Personal projects are welcome, subject to size limitations. RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITE: Moldmaking I: Plaster