Artist Resources

Classes taught at The Crucible

Whether you are just beginning to explore your creativity or you are an experienced artist, the classes in this department are designed to assist. Our workshops help you understand the basic properties of materials, navigate copyright law, and get your work professionally photographed.

Adult Classes

Copyright Law for Artists

Taught by a Crucible artist and licensed California attorney, this 3-hour seminar shows you how best to protect your works from plagiarism, including registering your works, determining whether your work has been illegally copied, and what to do if your copyright has been violated.


Have Your Artwork Professionally Photographed

The Crucible teams up with a professional photographer to let you document your work at a fraction of the cost to arrange a private session. This is an incredible opportunity to preserve your artwork in quality photographs that can be used in your portfolio, shown to galleries or displayed for family and friends.


Properties of Metals & Materials

What causes work hardening in metal? Why does work hardening go away when the same metal is heated? Why does glass need to be annealed? This class explains many of the physical occurrences you observe at The Crucible. Examining these phenomena at the atomic level will help you understand metals and materials, and demystify their behavior. No math or prerequisites are required and labs are incorporated into the class.



Youth Classes

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