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Glass Fusing & Slumping

Classes taught at The Crucible

Melt and reshape glass in the intense heat of a kiln to create art pieces or practical objects like plates and bowls. Individual classes teach you to combine colors, paint on glass, and incorporate recycled materials to create beautiful and ecologically sound art.

Adult Classes

3-Hour Taster: Glass Fusing

3-Hour Tasters are a great way to explore a new art form without the deeper commitment of a full course. You can try Blacksmithing, Ceramics, Enameling, Foundry, Glass Casting, Glass Flameworking, Glass Fusing, Jewelry, Leather or MIG Welding. Take a Taster and meet new friends, or give the gift of creativity to someone special. These popular and fun classes fill up fast!


Friday Flame: Glass Fusing

End the workweek with fire, friends, and a toast. Join us for Friday Flame, a unique night focused on industrial arts and good company. Enjoy a 2-hour workshop creating a work of art to take home. Then sip wine or beer with the group and marvel at your new masterpiece!


Fundamentals of Glass Fusing & Slumping I

Enter the world of art glass in this 2-day fundamentals workshop. The techniques of fusing and slumping offer new possibilities for creating with color and form. Learn the basics of glass/heat interaction, glass cutting, fusing, and slumping. Projects include a fused and slumped plate, a wall pocket vase, and a mosaic sun catcher.


Fundamentals of Glass Fusing & Slumping II

This 2-day workshop is a continuation of Fundamentals of Glass Fusing and Slumping 1. Students will take the basics learned in the first workshop and expand on their ideas using more advanced techniques. Emphasis will be on design, behavior of glass under heat, use of ring saw to create more intricate shapes, and understanding of kiln firing processes. Projects will include a large 10‰”-12‰” plate, slumping into drop-out ring molds, and ‰’frit-casting‰’ into clay molds. PREREQUISITE: Fundamentals of Glass Fusing & Slumping I


Fused Glass Jewelry

Explore the enchanting properties of fused glass to create exquisite jewelry. Techniques include flowing glass into unique color combinations, as well as the use of iridescent, dichroic, and other special glasses for pendants, charms, and earring.


Glass Fusing & Slumping I

Enter the world of art glass! We will focus on the techniques of fusing and slumping, which offer myriad possibilities for creating with color and form. You will learn the basics of glass and heat interaction, glass cutting, fusing, and slumping. The class will cover mold materials as well as firing and annealing procedures. Each week students explore a new process and complete a small project to be kiln-fired.


Glass Fusing & Slumping II

This class is a great way to continue your immersion into glass slumping and fusing. Using different materials such as clay, fiber, and firebricks you will design and create your own slumping molds. We will also discuss glass chemistry and more advanced fusing and slumping processes. PREREQUISITE: Glass Fusing & Slumping I


Glass Fusing & Slumping Lab

Lab sessions are a great benefit, exclusively for Crucible members! Practice the skills you learn in class and explore new possibilities with your craft. No instruction is provided during lab sessions, but a lab monitor will be present to answer questions, manage safety, and provide overall support. You are free to come and go at your convenience during open lab hours, however you must provide your own materials. PREREQUISITE: Glass Fusing & Slumping II


Glass Masks in Pate de Verre

The process of Pate de Verre was invented in France in the 19th century. It allows subtle gradations of color that is not possible with any other glassworking process. This glass process will be used in the making of two masks over two weekends.


Pate de Verre Bowl

Learn the Pate de Verre bowl-making process. We will focus on the “sugar fire” and “thin sided” bowl processes and learn to add decorative features to the outside and inside of bowls. Students make two bowls over two weekends.


Pot Melt Glass Workshop

Create unique glass art using tested-compatible glass melted in a flower pot in the kiln. This process heats scrap glass to 1,650è_ F, allowing it to flow onto the kiln shelf, forming a “puddle” of multi-colored glass. You will cut and grind the glass into a shape that is then re-fused into your finished art piece.


Reactive Glass Workshop

This workshop shows how you can use Bullseye glass to create special effects after kiln firing. Differing glass chemistries, when combined, cause reactions that change the color and appearance of fired glass. Adding metal foils further alters the look of the glass. You will make a number of samples to build a wider range of expression in your fused and slumped glass art.


Recycled Glass Sculpture

Explore techniques for using window glass to make everything from dinner plates to sculptural pieces, using bottles to make planters and drinking glasses and using broken shower doors to make beautiful bowls. This 2-day class will introduce fusing window glass in the kiln, casting window glass using commercial grade plaster to make your own molds, cutting bottles with a tile saw, cold working and painting options for the finished pieces. Learn basic glass chemistry, coloration methods and other surface treatments and process steps for each application and make at least four projects, one of which will have an aluminum backed hanger that you will make yourself for a hang-able finished piece.



Youth Classes

Youth Creatures in Fused Glass

Create a variety of creatures and habitats in both warm and cold glass. Students will learn how to cut, shape, and embellish glass using a variety of tools, molds, and machines. 2-D and 3-D projects may include fused tiles, jewelry, treasure chests, wind chimes, cityscapes, toadstools, insects, and jellyfish. Young artists will be encouraged to choose projects and create art based on your own interests.