Daniel StauberDaniel Stauber

Glass Instructor

My adult life began in college in Madison, Wisconsin where I was exposed to a myriad of new perspectives about society.  I realized that my upbringing hadn’t provided me with an accurate view of reality.  I left school but remained in the university environment and developed my skills in electronic music, my first true art form.  I remained content for almost a decade, but a call for a fresh medium emerged.  Visual art took over.

I returned to school to study the ancient art of the indigenous cultures in the Americas.  Formally, I did this in the Anthropology department at the University of California at Berkeley.  Narrowing my focus on the ancient Maya led me to Tulane University where I completed my Masters degree.  Despite the wonders of studying other people’s art, I learned more about myself.  It was a long road to my decision, but writing about art isn’t in my heart.  Making art is. 

This decision occurred in the middle of the dotcom boom and going with the flow I did computer art but soon felt disassociated from it.  It is virtual and not tactile enough.  I began taking basic art classes at local community colleges and settled in on painting for a while. My West Oakland environment presented me with other media and my continual desire for something new resulted in creating metal sculpture.   This led me to The Crucible.  I was home.

I began taking glass casting and fusing classes in the winter of 2010/2011, then expanded my interests to glass cold-working, and painting on glass.   Despite the long history of glass art, I am mesmerized by the incredible artwork of today’s glass artists.  The potential seems limitless.  I left my office job in August 2011 to focus exclusively on making art, meeting artists and seeing as much art as time and finance permit.  The Crucible asked if I would be interested in curating their art shows and I accepted the position. Most recently, I have begun experimenting new means by which to unite ceramics and glass.

Website: danielstauber.com