Jaime Guerrero

Glass Instructor

Jaime Guerrero, Born 1974 in Los Angeles California

an up and coming artist, Jaime is recognized for his unique use of color and his versatility in both sculpture and craft. Jaime began his glass career at California College of Art and Crafts in 1994, where he focused on technique, honing his ability in order to convey his ideas into three dimensional glass sculptures.

Jaime has studied with Masters such as Checco Ongaro, Pino Signoretto, and Ben Moore. He has attended Pilchuck school of glass, founded by Dale Chihuly, and was nominated for the Corning Award. Jaime has been a featured artist in the Mastercraft show at Gumps in San Francisco for five consecutive years. In 2006 and 2012 Jaime received the Saxe Fellowship Award through the Bay Area Glass Institute for Outstanding Artistic Achievement, also in 2012 he received the people’s choice award for his glass sculpture “Charros y sus Caballos”.

Jaime Guerrero is producing glass sculptures that speak about Progeny and how it relates to the present, modernizing ancient ideas with contemporary symbols. A lot of his current work embodies a juxtaposition of both the ancient and modern. Some of his current sculptures are Glass Glyphs in which Jaime uses a conglomeration of symbols and iconographies to tell a narrative. “The hieroglyph becomes a metaphor in which I can explore language, symbols, and there contextual significance, which are both empirical and derivative.”