Steve Widmark

Kinetics & Electronics and Neon & Light Instructor

I have been making electronic circuits for most of my life as a hobbyist, physics student, electronics technician, science teacher, and robotics team coach. I have completed the Neon I, Neon II, and Plasma courses at The Crucible and have used my expertise in electronics to enhance my illuminated art. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Physics.

The best thing about The Crucible are the amazing artists who work here on the faculty. These are poeple who truly live up to the Crucible’s motto of “Inspiring creativity in everyone.” I’m honored to be included in their number.

I’ve tried to design my class so that anyone can get a working knowledge of electronics in 18 hours of class time. I know of no other class that an ordinary person can take that tries for that goal. The Crucible is a venue that makes practical, hands-on classes like mine possible.

My students use the knowledge they learn in class to enhance their own art, make something practical, or something silly, or just add another skill to their personal toolkits. In my class, you will learn how to solder, make printed circuit boards, read schematics, design and prototype circuits, and program microcontrollers.” – Steve Widmark