Tara Murray

Glass Flameworking Instructor

I live in Oakland, California, near my home town of San Francisco. I currently teach glass flameworking in the adult and youth programs at the Crucible in West Oakland. I owe a great debt to artist and master glassblower Jay Bridgland, to whom I apprenticed for two years, and to the Crucible, for having faith in me and giving me a chance to become a teacher as well as an artist.

As a glass flameworker, I create sculpture and jewelry with a sense of narration and realism, reflecting and re-imagining the natural world. Inspired by the Northern California coast, my work often contains themes of the beach, the surf, and sea creatures. I am honored to be part of the traditional craft of glassblowing, and privileged to be able to teach it as an instructor at the Crucible, a non-profit industrial arts school in Oakland, California.

One of my goals as an artist is to make artwork that interacts with the viewer, the holder, the possessor; to create something that connects with the heart of another. My glass sculpture is painterly, and often contains scenes in miniature, tiny paintings inside the glass, private landscapes to get lost in. I make sculptures of animals, figures, and flowers, and jewelry that reminds one of coral, sea glass, carved ivory or stone. For me, flameworked glass sculpture is an intimate medium, you can hold it in your hands and form a relationship with it. The objects exist almost solely to please, amuse, and delight.

Website: www.taramurray.com