Jewelry Instructor

tricia becker

In my studio in Alameda, California, I create elegant silver, gold, palladium and platinum settings for the extraordinary jewels and gems that inspire my imagination. 

Fascinated with gemstones since I began collecting quartz as a child, my experience has grown through extensive study of metalsmithing, jewelry design, and an intimate knowledge of precious stones and metals.  Travel to India, the Far East, and meeting world renown gem cutters has deepened my appreciation for the origins, quality and historical value of all gemstones.

The inherent and natural beauty of each stone is brought out in my jewelry.  Techniques to manipulate metal enhance the settings and add another fantastic layer of interest.

Because I approach my art with integrity, precision, and the care of the skilled artisan, each of my creations are as unique as its owner.  In my hands, elegance becomes comfortable to wear, and certain to be treasured for generations to come.

Engagement, wedding, and high-fashion rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets are also forged to order, a collaboration of artist and client.  T.Becker Jewelry also offers full repair service, and restoration of antique jewelry to its full beauty. I am able to bring new life to aging pieces by replacing missing or damaged stones, polishing or refining worn metals, or hammering and reforming metals and re-setting jewels into entirely new pieces.

T.Becker originals can be found at select Bay Area art fairs, in my shop at Etsy, and at special jewelry events at The Crucible, an Oakland fire-arts school where I teach jewelry-making, wax carving and casting, and stone-setting.


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