Glass Cold Working and Engraving Instructor

Warren has been cold working and kiln casting glass for more than 20 years. His education includes four years of study with the Glass Department at the California College of Arts and Crafts (now called California College of the Arts), one semester of study in the Czech Republic, Kiln Casting at Pilchuck Glass School with David Reekie in 1989 and Glass Engraving, also at Pilchuck, with Jiri Harcuba in 1999. Warren also acquired lots of cold working experience by having worked as Clifford Rainey’s cold working assistant for nearly four years. Upon leaving CCAC Warren promptly opened his own cold working studio, where for eight years he has offered cold working services to dozens of San Francisco Bay Area glass artists. Today Warren teaches glass engraving and other cold working techniques at The Crucible as well as maintaining his studio where he works full time creating his own kiln cast and engraved art work. Warren has shown his work in many Bay Area galleries, has successfully completed dozens of commissioned work, both architectural and private.

Website: http://www.rabbitdenstudios.com/

Email: rabbitdenstudios@hotmail.com