The Gear Girls at The Crucible

Over the course of six weeks, 12 girls from Edna Brewer Middle School are mastering ARC welding, oxy-acetylene torch cutting, and angle grinding as part of The Crucible’s “Gear Girls” program during which they will create original sculptures inspired by the theme of self-expression.

This year’s program is funded by a generous grant from the Oakland Fund for the Arts.

The Crucible launched Gear Girls in February 2010 in response to a need for programming specifically tailored to low-income girls. We have run 10 sessions of Gear Girls in areas including foundry, art bike frame fabrication, kinetics, MIG welding, and welded sculpture. The program has served students from Oakland public schools such as Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, New Highland Academy, and Fremont High; charters Oakland School for the Arts and KIPP Bridge Middle School; and Richmond High.