Hot Couture 2015 Call for Submissions

Hot Couture 2015

Hot Couture: Call for Submissions

Application Deadline: September 26, 2014

Event Dates: Friday, January 9 & Saturday January 10, 2015

Hot Couture at The Crucible celebrates the avant garde fusion of fire, fashion, industrial materials, and haute couture concepts, sometimes with shocking results! This year, our two night event is structured around the four elements: air, earth, water and fire. We seek proposals that incorporate or are inspired by these four elements. Who should apply?

  1. Do you have a passion for wearable sculpture?
  2. Are you part of a team who has dabbled in fashion design?
  3. Are you seeking to collaborate with jewelry designers or leatherwork artists or other makers?

Hot Couture 2015 Application Guidelines

  1. Please include a (maximum 500 word) biography detailing your experience with or desire to create wearable art. Please include relevant details of of past experience, exposure to runway shows, relationship to The Crucible, along with your name, address, email, websites and applicable links. Professional and amateur designers are welcome.
  2. A minimum of four proposed head-to-toe wearable looks, presented visually via sketches, photographs, or vector images, or some other visual medium.
  3. All complete looks must be imaginative, generally wearable,  and well executed. Designs should be flame resistant. Women’s & men’s fashions are encouraged. Hair, make-up and music must also be included as part of the descriptions for each look.
  4. A list of team members, including hair, makeup, models, or musicians, if known
  5. Send your biography and proposals to, using the subject line “Hot Couture 2015 Proposal”. Larger format files can be sent via dropbox or hardcopies delivered in person to The Crucible.
  6. Please contact us by email for any questions. No phone calls, please.

Event Details

Hot Couture 2015 will take place on Friday, January 9 and Saturday, January 10, with a rehearsal/press preview night on Thursday, January 8. Each night will consist of several different walks, structured at the discretion of The Crucible.

  1. The Crucible will provide a materials stipend for each designer/team selected. Designers will have access to The Crucible for meetings, production rehearsals and several fabrication tools.
  2. All artists and designers will be credited for their work and given complementary tickets for their teams and models.
  3. The Crucible will hire and staff all production details for the runway show. This includes lighting, pyrotechnics, ticketing, security, hospitality and front of house.

We are excited to hear from you – please forward and share widely!