The Crucible is Powered by Volunteers!

From the outset, a vibrant community of volunteers laid the foundation of success for The Crucible. We’re looking for people who want to donate their skills and join in the development of this exciting organization.  As a volunteer, you’ll accrue hours that may be put toward membership and/or tuition discounts.

Volunteering is easy – simply read the program information below, complete an application, and you’ll be on your way! We’ll contact you shortly thereafter to schedule a time for you to come in and find the best way for you to engage in our unique education facility. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Ready to get started? Fill out the Volunteer Application.

Volunteering Opportunities

Block Time Volunteers

Block Time volunteers commit to a shift of four hours per week for a several week block at a regularly set time. Examples of block time include studio volunteering, front desk, tool room, and various projects.  The majority of our volunteers participate as block time volunteers in the studio.

As a block-time volunteer, you’ll be assisting a Crucible staff person who will oversee your tasks and supervise your time. Not only will you see the nuts and bolts about how The Crucible runs, you’ll be directly contributing to our success, and the hours you volunteer will be logged toward class discounts!

Special Event Volunteers

Events at The Crucible are spectacular and not-to-be-missed. Our events could not be possible with out the help of hundreds of volunteers!  Volunteer roles vary with each event but include setup duties, running various aspects of the event, and event teardown. Our annual events include:

  • The Crucible’s Anniversary Event (January)
  • Fireside Lounge (February, May & October)
  • Open House & Art Show (April & September)
  • The Fire Arts Festival (July)
  • Gifty: Holiday Art Sale & Open House (December)

Event volunteer hours accrue toward discounts off our classes.  Check out our upcoming events.

Youth & Community Program Volunteers

Field trips, bike fix-a-thons, earn-a-bike, special youth workshops and open houses at The Crucible all need folks with a special interest in interacting with young people. Some experience with children is essential. Responsibilities include helping students with their projects, assisting the instructor with set up and clean up, helping children with activities, greeting them at check-in, and escorting them in groups to watch studio demonstrations. Experience working in a studio environment is a plus!

The Crucible’s Youth Program mission is to provide youth with high-quality, hands-on fine and industrial art making experiences that support learning across academic subject areas and learning styles.  Our program is dedicated to promoting healthy social relationships, self-awareness, and skill building as well as nurturing young people that will grow to be healthy adults both physically and emotionally.

Transfer of Volunteer Hours:
Volunteers can pre-arrange to donate their volunteer hours to a scholarship pool or another specified individual.  Volunteers must complete the Transfer of Volunteer Hours form prior to actually volunteering the hours they wish to donate.

Volunteer Policies and Benefits

Ten volunteer hours are required before accrual toward benefits begins. After the initial 10 hours are accrued, volunteer hours accumulate toward the benefits listed below.

Option 1:
Memberships:  25 accrued volunteer hours can be redeemed for a year of “Firecracker” level membership with associated benefits; or 50 accrued volunteer hours can be redeemed for a year of “Pyro” level membership with associated benefits.

Option 2:
Discounts off Classes & Labs: 1% discount for each hour of volunteering. Example: 25 hours of volunteering = 25% class discount. A maximum discount of 50% can be applied toward classes.  The discount applies towards tuition, not material fees, and discount hours may only be used toward classes with space available.  Once volunteer hours are used towards a benefit, the accrued hours are cleared and new hours are logged towards a new benefit.

Set-up & Clean-up Incentive:
Around events we can use all the help we can get.  To add an incentive to helping with set-up and clean-up of events, we offer our 10% Incentive Shift.  In exchange for volunteering for a 5-hour shift on a specific set-up or clean-up date, you will receive a 10% off tuition of a Crucible class!  These incentive shifts discounts may be combined with other volunteer hours to receive discounts greater than 50%.  For example, a volunteer with 45 eligible hours and two 10% shifts may receive 65% off tuition.

Additional Policies:
Volunteers may redeem their volunteer hours when they wish as long as they comply with all regulations.  Volunteers are not eligible to register 30 days prior to the start of a desired class. Volunteers must register in person or over the phone to receive their discount from volunteer hours. To reserve a place in a class, volunteers must pay the materials fee for the class.  Registering online will not yield a volunteer discount.  Once volunteer hours are used towards a benefit, the accrued hours are cleared and new hours are logged toward a new benefit. The 10% Incentive Shift can be combined with volunteer hours for volunteers who have already met their 10-hour initial accrual, or serve as a new volunteer’s 10-hour initial accrual. Other promotional discounts cannot be combined with accrued volunteer hours.  Accrued hours may be combined with membership discounts.


The Crucible Internships

The Crucible offers internships to volunteers who have specialized knowledge or skills that can be directly applied to specific projects or departments.  The Crucible also offers generalized studio internships for volunteers with great aptitude, attitude and related studio skills.

Interns agree to volunteer five hours per week for twelve weeks (or 60 hours as scheduled), which normally coincides with our semester system.  This agreement is contractual. By signing an intern agreement, the intern agrees to fulfill their volunteer hours as described in the agreement.  All guidelines, safety regulations, and codes of conduct agreed to in The Crucible’s Volunteer Policy Manual apply anytime the intern is performing related duties.  Internship hours are not transferable to the scholarship fund nor any individuals.  Departmental interns are rewarded with access to the department (with specified restrictions) for the duration of their internship.  Non-departmental interns earn credit toward tuition waivers with their intern hours as specified in the intern agreement.

Classes are based on availability and must be confirmed with the program manager.  The internship hourly commitment must be met before a class can be taken. Classes cannot be taken concurrently with the internship.  Interns cannot sign up for a class until two weeks prior to the start date of that class.  Materials fees still apply for interns and must be paid before the start of the session. The intern hours you bank during the session specified on this contract must be banked towards a class within one year of the internship.   If the hours are not banked towards a class (or classes) by one year after the internship, they will be voided.  Remember to redeem your classes!

Interested in volunteering but want more information?
Please contact us at volunteer@thecrucible.org or call (510) 444-0919 x106.