Billy Hiebert

Billy Hiebert

Moldmaking Department Head
Teaching Since: 2001
Involved Since: 2017
Department(s): Moldmaking
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Artist’s Statement: Billy Hiebert

The images that I sculpt are always more important to me than the material that brings them to life. Which means I end up working with a variety of different materials, using the material that is most suited for the task at hand. Thoughts of sales or recognition have seldom played a role in my creative process. My Art has always been personal. I simply try to follow my inspirations and see where they take me. Often the result is a dead end or a long process lasting for several years without tangible results. But then, on occasion, something comes with such great intensity that it penetrates my thinking and forces its way through my brain and through my hands in a way that is often quite a surprise to me.

Bio: Billy Hiebert

Billy Hiebert received his MFA for sculpture in 1965 from CCAC, now CCA. After a few years of sculpting with metal, carving marble, and teaching sculpture and design, he was attracted to industrial processes involving molding and casting. This soon led to a full-time business that offered model making, molding and casting to both artists and industrial clients. His exposure to new methods and materials soon led to a different direction in his sculpture. Billy left behind welded steel and carved marble and embraced a world of molding and casting. Most of his current sculpture is expressed through molded plastic resin.