Mojgan Saberi

Mojgan Saberi

Teaching Since: August 2016
Involved Since: 2015
Department(s): Glass Fusing & Slumping



Mojgan Saberi was born in Tehran Iran, she immigrated to the United States in 1983. She graduated from University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. Her inspiration for her art work comes from lucid poetry, nature's purity, and simplicity yet with complex relations to human interactions. She begins with metaphors and silhouettes from the images that form in her mind from different fragments in life which are then transferred onto her glass fusing and works of art. She likes to explore with objects in dreamlike contexts to create scenery and moods. Her childhood memories and the Eastern culture that she comes from plays a major role in her creative thought process and artwork, which is now interwoven with the culture she has adopted by living in the United States. Mojgan expresses her passion for nature and life in Photography, Painting and Glass fusing.