Olga Barmina

Olga Barmina

Department(s): Enameling
Website URL: www.barmina.com/



Olga was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and has always been interested in the arts. She has been drawing, painting and sculpting for as long as she can remember. Olga began taking classes in ceramics and oil painting when she was twelve. As time passed, she found herself doing less painting, and more and more ceramics – the three-dimensional art had a greater appeal her.

During her five years at St. Petersburg State University, getting a degree in Biochemistry, she didn’t have enough time for art. She started doing ceramics again when she moved to the US in 1994 to take a job at St. Louis University. It wasn’t until she took an evening jewelry class a few years later, did she realized that she had found her true medium – metal.

“Throughout the years, moving from state to state and from university to university, I took as many classes and workshops as I could – learning and improving my skills at fabrication, casting, chain making, stone setting, enameling, and other techniques.” says Olga. “I love making jewelry so much I often think of new designs in my sleep.I am one of those people who have to create – I have an internal drive to make beautiful things.”