Scott Newcomb

Scott Newcomb

Teaching Since: October 2012
Involved Since: 2012
Department(s): Welding
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I love to be a part of Awesome! Since moving to the Bay, I find that I am most satisfied with enabling creative self-expression in my community - whether that means fabricating something special, or teaching you to fabricate something unique and love worthy.
Before here, in Union Square, New York City, I shared my personal art, daily for many years. I chose to make my living by selling the artwork I made, many times, within hours of completion, to the public with other artists, artisans, and craftspeople. It was wonderfully eye-opening to witness the response directly - especially from New Yorkers, who are not afraid to share their opinion. My art met the eyes of over 30,000 people a day. I have over 1,000 collectors of my original artwork all over the world. For that experience, I am blessed, and grateful.
Back East, I had heard of this place, The Crucible. My creative friends living in the Bay Area were enthusiastic that it would be a great fit for me, and to not waste time getting involved there. Of course, it took me a second to get involved - the Bay has so many wonderful distractions - but I made it, and I am so grateful!
Initially, at The Crucible, Brian Buono and Maurice Caveness showed me the great joy of instructing youth and adults in welding, for sculpture and furniture. I have a background in metal and glass, specifically in fine art, so I felt at home right away.
My favorite experience as an instructor, has been the Summer Youth Program. If you, or your children have participated - I am the High-Five Guy from Welding - I love this stuff!
This place is magic - it attracts especially gifted individuals that are generous of heart and care to share. Our students are willing to challenge themselves, and quite frankly, face fear - in the best situations, with a smile and confidence!
Take a class - do something that makes you feel Awesome - see you at The Crucible!