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CREATE Program Policies

CREATE, The CRucible’s Expanded Access to Tools & Equipment, allows current and past students to use our studio space, tools, and equipment to work on personal projects. All CREATE members must comply with the program policies.


  • No drug or alcohol use.
  • No headphones.
  • You are responsible for your safety. Always think “safety first”. You are in charge of your safety.
  • Clothing: Always remove or secure all loose fitting clothes. Roll-up long sleeves, button shirts, and no open-toed shoes or sandals.
  • Secure long hair and jewelry.
  • No dangling clothing.
  • No synthetic clothing.
  • Wear eye protection at all times.
  • Wear ear protection when operating power tools.
  • STAY ALERT – Keep your mind on the procedure and always think it through.
  • Be considerate of others. Be certain that your work is not endangering someone else. If others are violating safety rules – caution them or talk with a Studio manager.
  • Never lift more than you can handle. Ask for help and when lifting, always use your arms and legs, while keeping your back completely straightened.


In case of fire, please alert a studio manager immediately. Take notice of the fire extinguishers in your work area. The Crucible is equipped with three types of extinguishers:

  • (ABC) -This is the multipurpose dry chemical extinguisher. It can be used on any type of fire.
  • (BC) -This is the regular type of dry chemical extinguisher. B fires involve flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, grease and oil, and C fires involve electrical equipment, such as appliances, wiring, circuit breakers, and outlets.
  • (A) – This extinguisher is pressurized water. Extinguishers are for ordinary combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, and most plastics.


  1. P – Pull safety pin from the handle.
  2. A – Aim at the base of the fire.
  3. S – Squeeze the trigger handle.
  4. S – Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire.


In case of an evacuation, we ask that all persons in the building meet in the front parking lot. There are exits at each corner of the building. Please take notice of the exit nearest your work area. It is also important to know the other exits in the building. Please refer the studio map for the locations of all exits.


There are first aid kits located throughout the Crucible. Please take a moment to locate the ones nearest to your work area. There is a master first aid kit in the toolroom. If an injury should occur, please report this to the studio manager on duty. In cases outside of minor injuries, an accident report form may be filled out.


Each time a CREATE member comes to use The Crucible facility they need to check in at the tool room before they begin working. They can also check-out any tools or keys they might need. Upon clean-up, members must return to the tool room to check-out with the studio manager. The studio manager may inspect the area(s) which were worked in and all tools and equipment that were used.


The CREATE program is intended for the creation of personal projects ONLY. Any outside jobs or commissions require that an “Outside Job” form be submitted for approval. Outside jobs are reviewed by the Studio Operations Manager. If an outside job is approved for a CREATE member, it may require, due to excessive use of the facility, that a portion of the commission’s proceeds go towards The Crucible for payment of consumables, such as gases and utilities.


CREATE members have a specified area in which they can store projects. Any area marked as CREATE Storage or Student Storage can be used to store materials and projects. These storage areas must be cleared out at the end of each semester. Member projects are not to be stored in common areas. Projects cannot exceed the space provided. If a member has a project that exceeds these limitations, they must make arrangements with the Studio Operations Director. For additional space, a 2.5’ by 2’ x 6.5’ may be rented for $50.00 per month. These spaces are limited and there is no guarantee of availability. The Crucible also rents studio spaces. To rent a locker or studio, please see the registrar.

The Crucible is not responsible for any materials or projects stored at The Crucible.


All CREATE members must clean up 15 minutes before closing or 30 minutes before the start of a class. Instructors need 30 minutes to 1 hour to set up for classes. Classes always take priority.


When using the studio, you may need to check-out tools from the toolroom or have areas/cabinets unlocked. Please see the studio manager on duty. No tool can be checked out overnight. If any tool or piece of equipment seems broken or dangerous, please report this immediately to the studio manager. Please have courtesy for the safe usage described below by using tools and equipment in the manner that it is recommended, and return your work area to the condition in which you found it. Please be sure to clean up 15 minutes before closing or 30 minutes before the start of a class.


Any broken tools or equipment should be reported to studio staff immediately. If a tool is broken due to obvious misuse, a member may be held responsible for the item’s replacement. If a member has broken several tools due to obvious misuse, or the same item repeatedly, the member’s safety check-out will be revoked. The member may retake the safety check-out during the next scheduled session.


Members may bring in their own tools for use. Tools should be in good working condition. The Crucible is not responsible for personal tools being broken or stolen. The Crucible is not responsible for instruction on the safe usage of personal tools. All general release policies apply when operating personal tools while in The Crucible facility.


Materials (scrap mild steel, scrap stainless steel, scrap aluminum and wax) are available for purchase by CREATE members. To purchase materials, select the materials wanted, weight the materials using the scale outside blacksmithing, fill in the form located by the scale and pay for the materials in the front office. If the front office is closed, give the form to the studio manager on duty and someone from the front office will contact you to arrange payment.


CREATE members are permitted to use The Crucible facility during open studio hours: weekdays 10am – 10pm and weekends 10am – 6pm. The Crucible closes for most major holidays. CREATE members are not permitted to use the facility in between session. Be sure to note the start and finish date of the session during which you purchase membership. Please refer to the online calendars to see when the facility is open and when classes or events are scheduled for the studios.