Studio Access

Beside offering industrial and fine arts education, The Crucible is also a hub for professional and novice artists alike to practice their craft, share ideas, or even run a business.

There are several ways of accessing the studios and equipment of our 56,000 sq. ft warehouse that can fit your schedule and budget.



We know how difficult and expensive it is to set up your own workshop with all the equipment you need to do the projects that interest you. It’s why we started CREATE, the Crucible’s Expanded Access to Tools & Equipment, allowing current and past students to use our studio space, tools and equipment.

Studio Access Labs

Studio Access Labs provide an opportunity to hone the skills you’ve learned in class, without having to spend a fortune setting up your own shop. Finish that elusive project, or start a new one in a specified area at The Crucible. Studio Access Lab time is monitored but not instructional.

Rental Studios

The Crucible leases studios available to artists and makers who are interested in being part of our collaborative, creative community, and who can benefit from broad access to our tools and resources. Renters are free to host clients and open studio events in their private rental studio.

Once you know which option is right for you, please review our Rules & Policies.

Ready to get to work? See the Studio Access Calendar to know when your area of interest is open.

Feeling lost? The Crucible is a big place, so please make sure to check out the Studio Map and Hours.