I Am The Crucible: Peter Moore


If you have come taken a tour at The Crucible lately, you have met Peter Moore. One of our enthusiastic volunteers and a great tour guide, Peter helps Crucible visitors learn more about this area, it’s place in Oakland’s history, and start to figure out which Crucible Department is calling to them.

I Am The Crucible: Karl Hauser


When Karl Hauser first walked into The Crucible in 2013, he was immediately reminded of his years in art school, where he was surrounded by highly skilled people experimenting and testing the limits of their art.

I Am The Crucible: Byrd Pappas


Byrd Pappas was living in New Mexico, when on a whim, they decided to move and get involved with The Crucible and the Bay's queer metalworking community.

I Am The Crucible: Gabrael Bey


With 15 Crucible classes under his belt, Gabrael can proudly claim that at age 12 he has already taken more classes than the majority of Crucible students. We sat down with him to hear about his favorite Crucible moments so far!

I Am The Crucible: Susan Berger


In her second Glass Flameworking class at The Crucible, Susan Berger’s instructor told her to forget about being a perfectionist and try to “embrace the wonk.”

I Am The Crucible: Katia Navidad Rallon


Katia Navidad Rallon, our Youth Program Assistant and prior Pre-Apprentice, shares how The Crucible helped her decide what she wanted to do with her life.

I Am The Crucible: Carmen Gambino


Carmen Gambino was planning a big move, and he discusses what made him stay, his work, his inspiration, and what he saw at The Crucible that he will never forget.

I Am The Crucible: Howard Hirano


Howard Hirano, volunteer in the Bike Shop for the last four years, discusses his time at The Crucible and how tinkering can help solve our biggest problems.