“Just for Fun” Mini-Workshops

Individual members of a group work on their own to complete a small item

  • Fun, rewarding experience that boosts morale, lowers stress
  • Two to three hours long
  • Each participant makes an object they get to keep (glass items are next day pickup)
  • Get away from the computer and phone and work with your hands
  • Can schedule multiple workshops in a day


heat metal to a glowing red and then hammer it into exciting shapes on an anvil, hand forging a bracelet or a medieval style clothes hook in about three hours.
6 min. / 10 max.

Foundry Pour

carve a design into a sand mold then pour molten aluminum into it, creating the positive. Pair this with a leather workshop and make your own belt with a buckle.
5 min. / 8 max.

MIG Welding and Plasma Cutting

weld metal using processes commonly used in the fabrication of furniture, light construction and auto restoration, then use a plasma cutter to shape its negative space or to customize pieces to be welded into a larger project.
5 min. / 8 max.

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas welding is one of the cleanest versatile types of welding. With this type of welding you can join dissimilar types of metals without losing the integrity of the metal. People will get the opportunity to work on a small figurative sculpture out of stainless steel bolts.
5 min. / 8 max.

Oxy-Acetylene Cutting

Torch cutting uses acetylene gas with oxygen to quickly slice through metal up to an inch thick. A 2-hour workshop includes cutting and cleaning a piece. A three-hour group project allows for the individual cut pieces to be welding together, such as the letters in a department or company name.
5 min. / 6 max.


Anneal, cut, drill, hammer and texture copper or bronze to create a charm, pendant or key chain, zipper pull or card holder, or, in a longer three hour workshop, a light switch cover or large tile.
6 min. / 15 max.

Glass Flameworking

Melt the end of borosilicate glass rods with a torch using a range of colors and techniques to create uniquely colorful pendants, marbles or paperweights.
5 min. / 7 max.

Glass Sand Casting

Pour molten glass into a sand mold of your own design to make a positive relief that will make a great paperweight or sun catcher.
5 min. / 8 max.

Glass Fusing

create colorful mosaic tiles using glass-cutting, shaping, and fusing techniques—often of an organization’s logo or other work related image—in about two-hours.
8 min. / 20 max.

Sand-blasted Glass

Use self-designed stencils to sand blast frosted imagery onto glasses, plates, mugs or rectangles of glass.
5 min. / 8 max.


Participants create a small wood object through carving, texturing, cutting, smoothing, gluing, drilling and painting.
6 min. / 12 max.


Participants will learn to cut, pierce, fold, stitch, & stain leather. In a two-hour workshop a belt can be made, in a three hour workshop a wallet is made.
5 min. / 10 max.

Clay Sculpture

Participants learn exciting techniques in working with clay. Projects in this area can include cups, bowls and trivets.
6 min. / 15 max.