Examples of teambuilding projects at The Crucible
A teambuilding project from The Crucible
Teambuilding group shot at The Crucible
Cliff Bar Teambuilding at The Crucible

Just for Fun Mini-Workshops

Team members work individually to complete a small project to take home

  1. Enjoy a rewarding experience that boosts morale and lowers stress
  2. Most workshops are two to three hours long
  3. Each participant creates an object they get to keep
  4. Get away from the computer and phone and work with your hands
  5. Schedule multiple workshops on one day
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Options for Mini-Workshops


Heat metal to a glowing red and hammer it into exciting shapes on an anvil, hand forging a bracelet in two hours or a medieval style clothes hook in three hours.
6 people minimum / 10 people maximum

Foundry Pour

Carve a design into a sand mold then pour molten aluminum into it, creating the positive.
5 people minimum / 8 people maximum

MIG Welding and Plasma Cutting

Plasma cut steel into a negative space design or cut out shapes and MIG weld them together to create a personalized votive candle box.
5 people minimum / 8 people maximum

TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas welding is one of the cleanest versatile types of welding. Participants will weld stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers, screws, and sheet to create a small figure or abstract sculpture.
5 people minimum / 8 people maximum


Anneal, cut, drill, hammer, and texture copper or bronze to create a charm, pendant, key chain, zipper pull, or card holder in our jewelry department.
6 people minimum / 15 people maximum


Participants create a small wood object through carving, texturing, cutting, smoothing, gluing, drilling, and painting.
6 people minimum / 12 people maximum


Participants learn to cut, pierce, fold, and stain leather, then stitch it into a convenient card wallet.
5 people minimum / 10 people maximum

Fire Eating

Participants will make a fire wand out of steel and Kevlar, and learn safety regarding fuel usage and ignition. Then, they’ll learn how to magically swallow the fire at the end of the wand.
5 people minimum / 10 people maximum

Vacuum Forming / Resin Casting

Using the Vacuum Forming process, a mold will be made by forming a heated plastic sheet over a clay model. The mold will be used to cast opaque plastic resin, creating a solid replica of the clay model.
5 people minimum / 8 people maximum

Clay Sculpture

Participants learn slab, coil, and pinch hand-building techniques, and create small sculptures and/or functional tableware. Finishing with texturing and glazing are also introduced.
6 people minimum / 15 people maximum

Metal Clay Pendants

Participants will make a two-sided pendant by setting a dichroic glass disk onto silver metal clay, making a bail, and drawing an image with metal clay paste on the opposite side.
6 people minimum / 15 people maximum

Glass Flameworking

Heat borosilicate glass rods with a torch, and use a range of techniques to shape molten glass into colorful pendants, marbles, or paperweights.
5 people minimum / 7 people maximum

Glass Sand Casting

Pour molten glass into a sand mold of your own design to create a positive relief that will make a great paperweight or sun catcher.
5 people minimum / 8 people maximum

Glass Fusing

Learn to cut and shape art sheet glass and fuse the pieces together into a colorful mosaic tile of your design.
8 people minimum / 20 people maximum

Sandblasted Glass

Using self-designed or pre-designed stencils, sandblast frosted imagery onto a variety of provided glassware.
5 people minimum / 8 people maximum

Glass Blowing

Participants learn the basics of glass blowing, including gathering, marvering, glass shaping, and blowing. In a five-hour workshop, participants can create a glass ornament, or in six hours, a hollow pumpkin. Glass blowing requires a five-hour minimum and a higher fee.
5 people minimum / 6 people maximum

Hot Sculpted Glass

Participants learn the basics of hot glass sculpting, including gathering, marvering, and glass shaping. In a four-hour workshop, one can create a glass flower or heart paperweight. In a 5-hour workshop, participants can make a small pumpkin or similar item. Hot Glass Sculpting requires a four-hour minimum and a higher fee.
5 people minimum / 6 people maximum