Examples of teambuilding projects at The Crucible
A teambuilding project from The Crucible
Teambuilding group shot at The Crucible
Cliff Bar Teambuilding at The Crucible

Team Builds

A group works together to complete a project

  • Team members cooperate to complete a single project
  • A more structured approach
  • Projects can be pre-designed or customized
  • Can make more complex pieces
  • Workshops are scalable
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Predesigned Teambuild Options

Glass Fusing

We have pre-designed project-based workshops that are roughly the same price as the Just For Fun workshops. In two to three hours teams can create a fused glass mosaic tile with or without a steel frame (the group splits up and some do the tile and some do the frame).

Hanging Tile Project

In this two to three hour pre-designed workshop, the group creates a tile in one of the following disciplines: ceramics, MIG welding/plasma cutting, foundry, metalsmithing, wood, fused glass, sandcast glass, vacuum forming/resin casting and even sandblasted glass. Larger groups can also use oxy-acetylene cutting to create letters for the top of the project. The finished project is then wired together. Larger groups can also make several smaller tile projects like this with just the tiles from a particular workshop, e.g., the oxy-acetylene tiles comprise a project and the vacuum formed/resin cast pieces form another project.

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

Part of the group makes the medieval looking clothes hooks in blacksmithing and these are welded to a bar with oxy-acetylene cut steel letters or imagery welded to the top part of the bar (similar to the hanging tile project but with hooks for hanging coats instead of tiles). three hours

Customized Teambuilds

Numerous clients have worked with Crucible staff and faculty to create custom team building projects that last from four to eight hours. These usually, though not always, accrue some extra expense due to the additional time, material, and post-production work required of Crucible faculty. Some examples of prior customized workshops include tables, chairs free-standing coat racks, a bar, a throne, and a wall-mounted sculpture. The longer project based workshops 3-4 hours or 6-8 hours will require some discussion.

Catered lunches begin at $30/person. Wine & cheese receptions are $25/person. You also have the option of arranging your own catering.