Tools to Table: Fall Open House

Saturday September 13, 2014 | noon – 5 pm

Tools to Table is a celebration and exploration of the tools and techniques of making, creating and consuming food, drink & flames. Free admission, $25 class discounts, studio demonstrations, food & drink vendors, a Crucible-style picnic basket raffle, fire-eating, a butchering demonstration and much more.

Knife making at The Crucible
2012 Spring Open House
Woodworking Gallery
Linden Street Beer
  1. Free admission
  2. $25 discounts on classes during the event
  3. Cup-making in our glass department
  4. Spoon carving and turned bowls in the woodshop
  5. A mutton butchering demonstration on the main stage
  6. Chopstick-making in the glass flameworking department
  7. Special waffles in the foundry
  8. Wine Tasting
  9. Hammered forks and spoons in the smithy
  10. A raffle for a Crucible-style picnic basket
  11. Fire-eating!

We will also exhibit work by local artists, including place settings designed by Crucible faculty, and we’ll have some of Oakland’s favorite small-businesses and home-grown food vendors onsite to educate and tempt your palates (and generous donations from many more) including:

  1. Linden Street Beer
  2. Bluebottle coffee
  3. Stroopwaffle
  4. West Oakland’s People’s Grocery smoothies
  5. Tart Bakery
  6. Healthy Juice
  7. City Slicker Farms
  8. Filipino Vegan Food
  9. The Oakland British Pie Shop
  10. Great Grub Camp Food
  11. Barbarian Gourmet

Crucible open houses are great opportunities to visit our 56,000 sq. ft studio space and see demonstrations of our industrial and fine arts for yourself. Open houses are open to the public and children are welcome. Parents of small children will need to pay special attention as this space does have rough edges.