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Youth Programs

Each year, The Crucible’s Youth Programs offer industrial arts education to thousands of young people, ages 8-24. Through engaging and inspiring workshops, summer camps, collaboration with local public schools, and pre-professional training and leadership programs, youth participants gain in-depth knowledge of the creative process, the ability to bring their ideas to life, self-confidence for artistic risk-taking, and skills that can open doors for further creative and vocational exploration. We are dedicated to promoting healthy youth development and strengthening competencies in industrial arts, leadership, and creative problem-solving.

Makers of Tomorrow

The Crucible’s unique hands-on educational opportunities are a great way to fire up young imaginations and open new doors to personal growth.

Youth Classes

Weekend courses specifically designed for youth and parents with busy schedules. Our after school classes, which are available throughout the academic year, are an exciting alternative to traditional after school programs. These popular classes allow students to immerse themselves in glass, metal, wood, and more with expert instructors.

Youth Camps

Spring and Summer Camps are fun, morning or afternoon weeklong classes in which youth explore specific disciplines such as blacksmithing, glass flameworking, welding, jewelry, ceramics, and many others. Youth complete projects such as welded sculpture, glass mosaics, robots and gizmos, glass tube sculpture, and more while learning basic rules of science, physics and chemistry.

Youth Workshops & Group Classes

Youth workshops—often in collaboration with local educational programs and schools—allow students to participate in a group project or create individual works with the instruction of Crucible faculty. Designed primarily to facilitate team building and encourage creative exploration, group classes allow youth to use our tools and materials and their own imaginations and original voice to create incredible works of art.

Mentoring Programs

The Crucible is dedicated to providing our most engaged students with meaningful pre-professional training, mentoring, and career counseling. The Crucible’s graduated learning structure provides opportunities for students to progress through different programs, projects, and classes which for some leads to a paid position in the Fuego Youth Leadership Program, as well as, for the most motivated students, job readiness training in the Pre-Apprentice Program. All participants benefit from a supportive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and problem solving, the acquisition of professional and academic skills, and creativity, in both independent and group work.

Fuego Youth Leadership Program

Fuego is a youth leadership opportunity for high school students excited about deepening their technical skills, learning leadership skills, and supporting The Crucible’s youth classes. Fuego leaders progress from immersive creative classwork to the exploration of possible career opportunities. Ten new Fuego leaders are selected each year and ten returning students are encouraged to return for a second year.

Youth Internships

Interns come from selected high schools and work with Crucible staff and faculty to support our artistic and administrative programs in exchange for course credit. Interns work in a focused area of the studio: bike shop, blacksmithing, welding, glass blowing, or studio operations. They work directly with a mentor who coaches them on techniques, safety, and operation of their area.

Pre-Apprentice Program

The Crucible’s Pre-Apprentice Program teaches a broad range of industrial arts techniques, builds skills through networking opportunities and collaboration on public art projects, and provides underserved students with training and support to pursue vocational opportunities in metalworking and the arts. The program, which runs from October to May, serves four or more students (ages 16-24) each year.

Youth Community Art

The Crucible partners with local Oakland schools and youth groups on public art projects. Past projects include the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Sculpture funded by the Alameda County Office of Education and the Jack London Square bike welding project in collaboration with Black Rock Arts Foundation and artist Michael Christian. These projects are designed as collaborative activities that bring together different members of our Oakland community.

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Bike Program

The Crucible’s Bike Program includes drop-in and scheduled activities designed to engage youth, primarily from West Oakland, and expose participants to bike mechanics, welding, and engineering basics. Fix-A-Thons, the Earn-A-Bike Program, the Art Bike Camp, and local events contribute to the popularity of our Bike Program and deepen community connections.

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Field Trips

School and community field trips are exciting opportunities to introduce youth to The Crucible’s industrial arts community. Through demonstrations by artists and faculty, youth learn about real-world applications of science, technology, engineering, art, math, and other cultures. Crucible staff work closely with educators to ensure field trips are meaningful and exciting educational experiences.