Youth 2014 Spring and Summer Camps

Spring break is just around the corner

Camps begin on April 14

Here’s a fun, exciting place for youth to explore their artistic and creative voice, along with real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and math. Crucible camps are non-competitive, project-based open environments. Students can participate in two camps a day and childcare is available from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Monday, April 14 — Friday, April 18

mornings: 9 am — 12 noon
afternoons: 1 pm — 4 pm

Class Descriptions

Clay Critters

In this exciting, fun class we will explore clay as a sculptural material to create critters from our own imaginations using hand-building techniques (slabs, coils, etc.), mold making with plaster, and different surface treatments, including traditional glazes and non-traditional approaches. We will also incorporate other materials such as fabrics, metal, and wood into our critters.

Extreme Gizmos

Learn kinetic techniques to design, engineer and construct a mechanical sculpture, contraption or gadget with lights and moving parts. Using new and salvaged components, you will learn how motors, lights and switches work, how to create mechanical structures, how to create different types of motion and how to incorporate switches to operate your very own fantastical contraption!

Intro to Welded Sculpture

Learn to fuse, cut, bend, and shape metal. This intensive introduction to stick welding (also known as arc welding) and oxyacetylene torch cutting is taught by a technical pro. In-depth demonstrations and one-on-one guidance will be given on the safe and effective operation of welding equipment as instructors help you create a small welded sculpture or project.


Learn to bend and shape steel in The Crucible’s smithy as you practice traditional blacksmithing techniques such as drawing, bending, twisting, punching, slitting and drifting using the forge and anvil. Students will learn to forge with confidence and complete projects such as a bracelet, hook, fork, and spoon. While blacksmithing uses

Glass Blowing

In this introductory glass blowing class students will practice and learn the basic skills and techniques that will allow them to create their very own hand blown glass work . Through supportive instruction and a team environment, students will gather from the furnace and learn to use the tools to manipulate and shape the glass into paperweights, cups, bowls, sculptures and more.