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Fire & Performance

Classes taught at The Crucible

Fire has always been a powerful, mythic element for humans. It has played a significant role in our history and molded our very way of life. Fire performers have a deep respect for the flame and know that by no means do they ever have total control over it. At The Crucible, you can learn to safely manipulate fire’s captivating power, and learn to make and use various tools like poi, fire staffs, hula-hoops and the fire rope dart.

Adult Classes

Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi)

Learn the ancient art of Maori fire dancing. Used by these warriors to increase strength and skill, poi (which means ball) is a form of juggling that uses balls on ropes swung in circular patterns. While learning to spin poi without fire, you will also gain knowledge about the history of the art form and it’s origins. On the last day of class, students will spin with fire!


Art of Fire Dancing II (Poi)

Learn how to integrate movement with your poi spinning. After this class, your body and your poi will work together as one and you will know many new tricks. This five-week session highlights choreography, movement, and work with music. NOTE: You must have your own poi. PREREQUISITE: Art of Fire Dancing I (Poi)


Fire Eating I

Spice up performances and parties with your new skills as a fire eater! Students learn how to eat fire, run fire along skin, and more advanced tricks, with grace and confidence. You will make your own set of torches to take home.


Youth Classes

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