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Machine Shop

Classes taught at The Crucible

Learn the secrets of machining to drive sharp cutting tools using lathes, milling machines and drill presses—and make precise, accurate cuts. Machining is used on engines, bicycles, appliances, kinetic or mechanical projects, and much more. Our machine shop has lab time available for new students to perfect their machining skills and for experienced workers to work on personal projects.

Adult Classes

Machine Shop Lab

Lab sessions are a great benefit, exclusively for Crucible members! Practice the skills you learn in class and explore new possibilities with your craft. No instruction is provided during lab sessions, but a lab monitor will be present to answer questions, manage safety, and provide overall support. You are free to come and go at your convenience during open lab hours, however you must provide your own materials. PREREQUISITE: The Mother Machines: Turning & Milling I and Crucible membership


The Mother Machines: Turning and Milling

Learn about materials, machine design, drafting, cutting feeds and speeds, tooling, and precision measurement, using the milling and lathe machines to fabricate simple projects. These machines are the cornerstones of a machine shop, producing with precision and accuracy. Also among the most complicated tools to operate, the goal of this class is to learn the capabilities and scope of these versatile machines.


Youth Classes

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