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Classes taught at The Crucible

The Crucible’s woodworking courses teach you to use hand tools and power tools, to carve and turn wood, and to apply this knowledge to your own projects. Students become familiar with different types of woods, appropriate techniques for working with them, and gain an understanding of basic furniture-making and cabinetry design.

Adult Classes

Building a Steam Box for Bending Wood

A steam box and a heat source are the two main components used to steam bend wood. Steam boxes must be able to withstand large fluctuations in temperature and humidity without breaking apart. In this two-hour workshop, students will build an optimized steam box that can last through the tough job of steaming wood, allowing them to continue creating their own projects at home!


Fundamentals of Woodworking

Begin your woodworking experience in this 2-day introduction to tools and techniques. We will cover the basics of wood technology, what tools to use, how to use them, and how to care for them. Bring a notebook and comfortable shoes, as this will be a fast-paced, hands-on overview.


Hand-Cut Dovetails

Cutting dovetail joints by hand is a milestone in the path of a fine woodworker. Students learn how to use chisels and saws to cut dovetails precisely, getting feedback on how to improve their work with hand tools. This class is appropriate for beginners and those with some woodworking experience who wish to further their hand tool skills.


Introduction to Timberframing

Timberframing is a traditional technique for building large and small structures using only wooden joinery. Prized for its structural integrity and beauty, as well as reliance on hand skills, timberframing is regaining popularity in modern applications. We will start with an overview of the different styles and aesthetics involved, and move into the specific tools that are used to lay out and cut the strong joints. Each student gets guided practice time making sample joints. We will all work together to make a small structure that can be raised on the final day of class.


Pen In One Day

Students will make two pens at the lathe, one of solid wood and one of your own design built up from several pieces of wood. Since turning pens is a quick process, we will have time to teach you how to choose woods, how to prepare and mount wood on the lathe, and several of the more popular finishes. We will cover safe operation of a lathe, demonstrate how to use common woodworking tools, practice tool sharpening techniques, and discuss options for what kind of lathe you might want in the future, from a small pen lathe to more robust machines that can handle much bigger projects. Bring clothes that can get dirty.


Spoon Carving By Hand

Learn basic principles of working with wood while making your own carved wooden spoon. Topics covered include different types of wood, grain direction, carving, shaping, and food safe finishes. Through short demonstrations and lectures, we will use a combination of power and hand tools, exploring the material for its functionality as a creative medium. At the end of the workshop, students leave with a unique spoon, ready to use! All materials included.


Steam Bending Wood

Steam bending is the manipulation of rigid wood with the assistance of heat and water allowing it to bend and become malleable. Using forms and compression straps, students will bend three different wood species into 2 and 3 dimensions, learning about the importance of wood grain and making unique projects to take home.


The Bandsaw Box

You don’t need a fully equipped shop to enjoy woodworking! In this class, you will learn to design, make, and finish a unique wood box. With an emphasis on tool safety and material exploration, we will use a combination of power tools and hand tools to make boxes of all shapes and sizes. Beginning with a solid block of wood, you will learn how to lay out, cut, sculpt, and reassemble the block into the form of a box. Demonstrated techniques will include hidden hinges, small drawers, pull knobs, and fitted lids, as well as texturing, carving, burning, painting, and finishing. Suitable for beginning and intermediate students, all materials provided.


Woodturning I

Use a lathe to turn a rough piece of wood into a beautifully shaped spindle or bowl. In a jam-packed, 2-day class, you will learn the basics of the turning process. The class will cover tool usage and sharpening, as well as wood selection, preparation, and finishing.


Woodturning II

Explore more advanced projects, now that you are comfortable using the lathe and understand basic tool usage. This class gives students more time on the machines with the guidance of the instructor. Demonstrations in additive sculpture will be emphasized. Bring your own materials and project ideas! PREREQUISITE: Woodturning I


Woodworking I

Learn how to use power tools, as well as traditional and modern hand tools, safely and effectively. Class assignments introduce basic concepts and techniques, to give you the skills needed for many woodworking projects such as mill board flattening and straightening, creating strong joints for connecting wood, and gluing boards together to make a panel. Students leave with a strong foundation for more advanced wood classes and a small end table. All tools for learning are provided.


Woodworking II

Build on the skills you developed in Woodworking I through the construction of a small cabinet. Woodworking II introduces students to miter and dado joints, hardware installation, and re-sawing on the bandsaw. Please bring a sketch for a small cabinet you would like to build to the first class. NOTE: Students are responsible for their own materials in this class.


Youth Classes

Youth Woodcarving and Sculpting

Learn the history, cultural significance, and process of woodcarving and sculpting, including design and carving approaches. Through hands-on demonstration and approach, students get expert guidance through every step of the carving process, from brainstorming to adding fine detail. You‰’ll create a unique 3-D project of your own.


Youth Woodturning

Using a lathe, you can turn a rough piece of wood into a beautifully shaped spindle or bowl. In a jam-packed, 5-day class, you will learn the basics of the turning process as you explore small bowl turning and spindle turning. The class will cover tool usage and sharpening, as well as wood selection, preparation, and finishing.


Youth Woodworking

Learn to use hand and power tools to shape wood into objects that will last for decades. You’ll learn about the properties of lumber, safe tool use, measurement and layout, and fundamental woodworking joints. At the end of this week-long course, you’ll leave with an end-grain cutting board, a mitered corner box, and the skills to build an unlimited range of wooden objects.