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Rent The Crucible

Make your next private event unforgettable in the unique industrial setting of The Crucible! We have a 56,000 square feet conveniently located one block from the West Oakland BART station. Our main event space features 7,000 square feet of space with 25-foot ceilings and a capacity of up to 500 people. We have a basic stage of 12×24 feet, which can be modified to suit your specific needs.



Rent the Main Space

Our base rental rate includes use of the space during our normal working hours (10am-10pm Monday through Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday) for up to 150 people. Base rental includes simple lighting, event and studio staff, basic audio setup (microphone/music playing capabilities), a podium, and use of our tables and chairs.

Event rental pricing starts at $3,500 for a 4-hour rental period.

Rent Smaller Rooms

Need a space for a class or a lecture? The rooms vary in size and set-up, and can accommodate between 10 and 50 people, depending on configuration and activities. There is a 4-hour minimum for each room.

Nonprofit organizations receive a 25% discount off scheduled rental rates.

Prices starting at:

Jewelry Room, Woodshop Room Glass Fusing Room $100

Neon Room, ARC Welding Room, Glass Coldworking $75

Dance Studio $150


The Crucible is known for our fun and fiery special effects. You can add these effects to your own event to create an unforgettable experience. Please inquire or schedule a visit to learn more.

Fire Safety Technicians are required for fire exhibits and are not included in the listed price. The rates shown below are for four hours.


$600 if lit
$300 if unlit

Ring of Fire


Aerial Rigs

$300 each

Fire Pit


4 Fire Poofers

$200 each

Flaming Cat Tails

$200 each

Crucible Sign

$150 if lit

Optional services

subject to availability

  • Stage setup
  • Fire performance
  • Department demonstrations, such as glass flameworking or blacksmithing
  • Hands-on workshops, such as copper stamping or glass fusing
  • Catering arrangements
  • Coat check: $150 for 4-hour event

Availability & Hours

Classes and other programs are our first priority so availability is limited. The base price is only inclusive of times during our normal working hours (10am-10pm Monday through Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday). Hours outside of those times may be considered at an additional rate.

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