Daniel Stauber

Daniel Stauber

Teaching Since: 2011
Involved Since: 2006
Department(s): Ceramics, Glass Casting & Coldworking, Glass Fusing & Slumping
Website URL: danielstauber.com/



Creating Art is the most sincere human endeavor. It allows one to reach deep into oneself and refine who they are within their cultural environment. Art is creation and creation is the essence of nature. Nature is my external source of inspiration. The beauty of procreation and the savagery of consumption is a polar extreme in nature. These contrary concepts are inextricably bound together and form the fundamental relationships and rivalries between organisms. The greatest source of my internal artistic inspiration is the subconscious. My hidden, innermost, latent energy deifies apparitions and archetypes. The subconscious doesn't allow choice. It is automatic. Thereafter, my conscious struggles to make these images more definable for the viewer. I think choices in the process of art occur before or after the true indefinable moment of art. Art is that inexplicable moment of doubt, indefiniteness, enigma, and obscurity that reveals itself to someone transcribing it to share with others.

I seek to create artwork that attracts and repels simultaneously. Something that draws a person in, but keeps them unnerved. This parallels the polarity of nature. Beauty juxtaposed with savagery. I seek artists who combine oppositions to create emotionally stirring works. These works create anxiety or tension, but simultaneously arouse feelings of pleasure.