Jared Seletsky

Jared Seletsky

Teaching Since: June 2017
Involved Since: June 2017
Department(s): Bike Shop, Ceramics, Leather, Textiles, & Fine Art, Welding



I make work with the intention of use and interaction. I find that at the intersection of craft and fine art lays a place for art to be experienced with purpose and need. Through the history of artistic practices there is a wealth of knowledge, one that inspires experimentation and constant refining of process. My work is centered in ceramics, especially wheel thrown vessels, as well as glass, wood, and metals. Through these process based materials I attempt to understand and draw out the qualities of the medium, while applying them to a greater piece - one that elicits an experience from its users.

I am a Philadelphia-based artist and ceramics student at Tyler School of Art. I am drawn to work that requires the human hand - the influence of the body on every mark. Pottery has been a part of my life, it has challenged me and allowed me to accept failure. I have been working with clay since I was 8 years old, drawn to the meditative task. Throughout high school I worked At Via Bicycle, a used and vintage bike store, learning how to piece together the mechanics of the trusted bicycle and how to chase a broom. Now my practice has been centered around the exploration of materials, the growth of community, and the use and participation in my work. I hope to create objects that allow for meaningful experiences, that show investment and time.